Summary: You can become somebody

I. Have you ever heard the saying I know who your parents are? Usually when you hear this statement you probably will say here we go again. Some people may say people say that they are. Maybe you are that person that will deny them, because they are not known for doing something good.

II. Whatever the case may be I am here today to tell you something. God gave you your parents for a reason. The parents God gave you are your parents, and you cannot change them. If the truth be told you cannot deny your parents either. No matter how hard you try you can never change your parents.

III. If your parents are known for not doing something good in life, then you can change it. If you want to be different than your parents all you have to do is ask God to make you better. Ask God to make you a somebody. No matter who your parents are or were you can become a somebody. If the truth be told all parents want there children to be better than them.

IV. Dear God,

Thank you for this message today. May this message bless someone some where! May it enter into their hearts and they understand that their parents are a blessing from you. Also, That they will realize that they can become a somebody, no matter who their parents are or were.

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