Summary: How do you handle the giants in your life? This sermon will tell you how.

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You Can Handle Your Giant

1 Sam. 17:32-37


We need to know as believers that we can handle any and everything that comes in our life. We are living in a time where the people of God really don’t understand the power they process. It’s like walking around in your house at night in the dark to go to the kitchen bumping into stuff and knocking stuff down, knowing you got power but just won’t flip the switch and turn it on. Had you flip the switch you wouldn’t have to worry about picking and fixing stuff up. That’s the story of some Christians. They spend their whole life knocking stuff down and picking and fixing stuff in their lives that could be avoided by turning on your power. God will never put more on you than you can handle. However, he will sometimes put us through situations we may feel we can’t handle. We need to understand that when God has anointed us for a particular calling, it does not matter what problem comes up we are anointed to handle it. Even though sometimes we feel like we can’t handle it, that’s all right because the truth of the matter is we can’t, but our anointing power can. That’s why it’s important for us to stay before God. Be in the place he wants us to be. We must come to bible study, Sunday school and Sunday Worship. We must pray and study his Word. How are we going to learn how to fight if we don’t come and work out? Works out sessions are on bible study nights. Work out sessions are on Sunday morning in Sunday school and morning worship. How do you expect to win, if you don’t know whom you are fighting? Don’t know anything about your enemy. Come to church once a week and expect to have it all together. I have made up in my mind Demons may rise, I can handle it. Giants may come against me I can handle it. Friends may turn there back on me, but I can handle it. Why because not only do I work out in bible study, or on Sunday’s, but I work out at home to. I bench press I’m more than a conquer. I curl I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I push up all things work together for the good of them who love God and are the call according to his purpose. And the reason why I know what weights to work out with at home is because I learned it from coming to Sunday school, bible study, and not missing a service. Lifting the wrong amount of weights can kill you. That’s why you need an instructor if you don’t know what and how to do it. Are you tired of losing the battles in your life? Aren’t you tired of loosing all of your battles? Aren’t you tired of being spiritually weak? How do we handle problems and giants in our lives? We will see here in our periscope how David was faced with a situations and how he handle it.

I. He was anointed: God anointed David for a particular purpose, to be King. And when God anoints you when a giant comes up, you are in a position to knock him out.

I. If you are in the right place?

a. David went back to where his father needed him to be. V. 15-17

b. Saul Called him for a minute 16:19 Why: v. 23

c. David left from Saul and went back to where he was needed and his father wanted him. Are you where your father wants you, are you where he needs you to be. What would have happen if David stayed with Saul, then he would have missed the call from his father and his date with destiny. See it’s important to be where your father wants you. See you have to be where your father wants you to be because it may be your destiny to fight a goliath. God will send Giants into our life as part of his plan. It was God’s plan for him to fight this giant. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason. If you are where God wants you to be then it may happen for you to become stronger in your faith. However, if it comes and you are not where your father wants or needs you it may be punishment for disobedient to whip you where you need to be. In addition, when you get there you need to know.

I. Power to be bold when others are afraid

a. Devil wants us to respond

V. 11,24: not everybody is anointed to handle what you can handle.

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