Summary: Prayer is not the least you can do, prayer is always, the most powerful thing you can do! Amen? It's your WMD against the principalities of darkness!

You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

A young man went into a drugstore to buy 3 boxes of chocolate: small, medium, and large. When the pharmacist asked him about the three boxes, he said, “Well, I’m going over to a new girlfriend’s house for supper. Then we’re going out. If she only lets me hold her hand, then I’ll give her the small box. If she lets me kiss her on the cheek, then I’ll give her the medium box. But if she really lets me smooch her seriously, I’ll give her the big box.” He made his purchase and left.

That evening as he sat down at dinner with his girlfriend’s family, he asked if he could say the prayer before the meal. He began to pray, and he prayed an earnest, intense prayer that lasted for almost five minutes. When he finished his girlfriend said, “You never told me you were such a religious person.” He said, “And you never told me your dad was a pharmacist!”

Prayer, how much do you use it?

How much do you believe it works, a little or a lot?

Are you one who does it a meal time, because of tradition?

Or are you one, who has seen it actually move the hand of God on your behalf?

It's kind of sad, that in America today, how little people actually know about the power of what their prayers can do and the words they say in those prayers can accomplish! Amen?

Oh, I'll pray for you, it's the least I can do.

Tell me, if a friend has terminal cancer over most of their body, what else could you do?

Prayer, puts you in direct communication with God, who is able to do anything and everything in the spiritual and natural realm, the only one who can offer your friend any help,

The doctors don't know what to do, if they did there would be a cure by now!

Wait a minute you say, there's chemo and radiation and other things they can do.

Now I'm not saying they don't have things they can try, but unlike them really not knowing what to do, if your a believer you should know that you have an advantage over the doctor, you already know what to do!

Pray, the key is not only knowing what to do, but believing what it can accomplish in your own and someone else's life when you do it!! Amen???

The key to prayer is, do you believe it works?

Ya, but it's liver cancer...

Ya, but it's brain cancer...

Ya, but it's stage 4 and all through the body...

Ya, but they said 4 weeks is all I have....

Sometimes I think we have to ask ourselves, when we respond like that...

Are we the ones doing the healing or is God!!

TBS. All things (how many things) All things are possible, not with mans help,

But with Gods help!

The correct answer when asked if you believe in the power of prayer, should not be conjecture or an opinion, but one three letter word....YES!!

You don't know the complexity of the decease, but God does....and He doesn't need to be reminded how difficult the situation is....and thing is, that's not important anyways, because there's nothing to hard or difficult for Him to overcome!

The 39 stripes Jesus took on His back and what was finished at Calvary already provided for that healing!

The important part is only that you believe He can do it!

Amen?, well Amen??

Ill. There is a legend of a small town in which there were no liquor stores or nightclubs.

Eventually, however, a nightclub was built right on Main Street and one of the churches, in the area,

was so disturbed that they conducted several all-night prayer meetings, and asked the Lord to burn down the nightclub.

Lightning struck the nightclub a short time later, and it was completely destroyed by fire.

The owner, knowing how the Believers had prayed, sued the church for the damages.

His attorney claimed that their prayers had caused the lightning and fire.

The church people, on the other hand, hired a lawyer and contested the charges.

During the trial the judge declared, "It’s the opinion of this court that the owner of the nightclub is the one who really believes in the power of prayer while the church members do not!"

Imagine that, Church people having a hard time believing that their prayers were answered so quickly and even at all,

And then willingly throwing God under the bus, disclaiming their responsibility that there prayers had been answered.

And here someone of the world, is amazed beyond belief, by the power and sheer magnitude that prayer could have at all and sued for damages done by it.

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