Summary: Even in this modern age it is impossible to hide from God.

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Isa. 55:6-11

INTRO. There was one thing for certain that I knew when I was a child. That was that when I had been caught in a misdeed and Mom or Dad came at me with the switch or belt, I had better not run. Oh, I knew I could out run them but sooner or later they would catch me and the punishment would be twice as harsh. Many of us will acknowledge that we cannot run from the law or hide from our own conscience yet we will think nothing about trying to hide, run, steal, trick, lie, betray, deny or avoid facing God. But if we can not run from the law, and many of our worst sins are known to our neighbors, then why do we think it is possible to conceal ourselves or our sins from He who sees all and knows all?


(Prov. 28:13) -- "He that covereth his sins shall not prosper."

A. No sinner ever expects to get caught in his sin.

1. (ill) -- Men broke jail in Ohio and fled into Kentucky, were followed by 500 law officers in cars and helicopters. When caught they said, "We didn’t expect to get caught."

2. Time should convince us that we can not escape the judging hand of Almighty God.

B. The first act of sinful man was to try to hide from God. (Gen. 3:8) -- "Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden."

1. In their innocent and perfectly created state Adam and Eve had no reason to be ashamed of the nakedness of their bodies.

2. But once they had sinned against the commands of God then the once innocent became the corrupt container of a sinful soul. Their bodies had been created as the beautiful vehicle of a perfect and sinless soul but in sin the body became the broken cistern containing putrid waste.

3. They were ashamed of what they had done to God’s creation and tried to hide themselves from Him.

C. But no man hides from God. Not Adam and Eve and not you or me. Adam and Eve had to meet God and pay the consequences for their sins and so must you and I. God is too big for you to lose yourself in the crowd.

II. YOU CAN NOT RUN FROM GOD. (Psa. 139:7-10)

A. David’s point was that no matter where he might wander God would be there as a companion.

B. But many people have the idea that they can commit a sin and then get away before God can do anything about it.

1. Others think they can disobey the voice and will of God at random. Then they simply run when God begins to demand they pay the price of disobedience.

2. Jonah heard the call of God to do a certain job. The worst mistake Jonah ever made was in believing he could go to a place where God could not find him.


A. Why is it that many Christians think they can rely on the grace of God to save them and see them through the trials of life and the pains of death and never feel they owe God anything in return?

B. Ananias and Saphira. It never occurred to them that they were lying to God, just to men.


A. I have been preaching and pastoring churches long enough to know that there are a certain number of people who profess to be saved Christians which are not saved at all.

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