Summary: The bottom is getting crowded every second. How can a man make his way through to the top? This message shows you how.

From our text, we see a man with many limitations trying to get the attention of Jesus Christ. As usual, Jesus was going about doing good and went through the territory of this man who had long been awaiting the day Christ would come into his life. Zacchaeus was a man of small stature, so cannot easily be noticed amidst a crowd. He was also a tax collector (a sinner), and so his cries may not easily be heard by God but he wanted the attention of Jesus.

When he discovered that the tall people around would not allow him see Jesus, he looked out for something that could enhance his chances of seeing Jesus. And there it was, a sycamore tree was standing ahead of the procession. So, up he went on speed ahead of them all and climbed unto the top of the tree, waiting for Jesus to come closer.

As Jesus got closer, he began to shout and then Jesus got to the bottom of the tree, lifted up His eyes and said to him, ‘make haste and come down for today I must stay at your house’. Waoh! Just like that? He didn’t just get Jesus’ attention; he got also His company in his house.

What are the limitations around you? In spite of these limitations you can stand out in life. It is true that it is getting crowded at the bottom with few making it to the top. But I tell you, the bottom of life is not a desirable place to be. You must find your way to the top.

To rule and reign in life, you must get out of the common. For you to become outstanding, there is a kind of orientation you must have. You can make history not just read the history of other people’s lives. You can still outstand yourself that people would like to read your own history too.

You can make history not just read the history of other people’s lives. You can still outstand yourself that people would like to read your own history too.

You don’t have to be the first born of your family to stand out in life. Think about a man like the Joseph of the Bible, he was only the eleventh child of the family of twelve but he became the most outstanding of them all.

You can also be named amongst the first and the great. To get to the top, you need to do uncommon things like Zaccheaus did.



Zaccheaus discovered himself. He knew the limitations he had. Discover the things that are limiting your flight to stardom. Is it your educational qualifications, or your physical state of being? Whatever it is, discover it! The day you truly discover who you are marks the beginning of your greatness. You cannot rise until you are wise.


Some say that change is very difficult. I tell them it is the only must do in life. You need to have a choice to make a choice. Make the right choice and things will be right with you. Jabez (I Chro. 4:9-10) chose to change. He was no longer pleased leaving a life of sorrow. He had a better choice and so he made that choice - that of having a changed life. No matter what you are going through, you have a better alternative which only you can choose. Your choice in life determines your chance in life. Zaccheaus was rich and very influential but wanted something better. He went for it and got it. Imagine a man the plays host to God!


Zaccheaus ran ahead of the crowd. You can also run ahead of your hindrances. If it is lack of educational qualification for instance, you can enroll yourself in a school to improve on yourself. If you sit down doing nothing, God will also sit down doing nothing about your case. Don’t stay put where you are.


The friends you make in life could be pillars or caterpillar. Pillars are those that will carry your load for you while caterpillars are those that would destroy your life. Pillar-Friends would raise you up but caterpillar friends would pull you down. Mark 2:1-5. To be without friend is the highest form of poverty; not being without money. When you have good friends, whatever you lack they will supply.


2 Kings 2:

You need to be current with God to be correct in life. You cannot truly make it in life except you’re connected to God. God is the one that gives you current information in this fast advancing information age.


Be ready to learn from anybody. No man is an island of knowledge. God cannot reach you unless He can teach you. You are not reachable until you are teachable.

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