Summary: You are special to God, and His desire for you is to bear fruit.

You don’t have to be something special

for God to want you.

Hold up a smooth round stone and ask how did this stone become smooth?

The story.

This stone started its life on the top of a very high mountain where the wind rain and snow slowly moved it into the way of a stream. The melting snow and the rain made the stream swell into a river from time to time and the force of the water made the stone slowly make its way down the stream.

At the end of the stream there was a waterfall that the stone fell down. When it toppled over the edge it smashed against the other rocks at the bottom and lost some of its’ sharp edges. This smoother piece was taken down the river into the valley year by year moving a little at a time. Rolling this way and that bumping into other stones, having its edges knocked of and its faces smoothed into one continues curve.

Now there was one stone in particular that God had a special job for. A stone like this one that had spent years in a stream knocking and bumping other stones.

Now this stone was resting at the bottom of the stream looking up into the sky minding its own business as stones do, wondering if there was more to life than just being a stone. This stone wanted adventure.

Wouldn’t you think the same if you were a little stone sitting on the bottom of a stream. Thinking somebody get me out of here. This stone had big dreams he wanted to do something great something that would forever change history.

Now, one ordinary day, a boy came to the stream and started taking stones out of the water. And our little stone was shouting in a little rocky voice "pick me, pick me", but then he realised he didn’t have a mouth so he stopped shouting.

And if he had arms and legs he would have jumped up and down waving his arms just to be seen.

And then this hand broke through the surface of the water and scooped him up.

And the boy said to the stone "you’re perfect."

Walking into a field the boy said a few words to somebody and then placed the stone in a sling. Round and round the stone went until it flew through the air.

Where did it go?

It hit somebody straight between the eyes and made them fall over

Who knows the story?

David and Goliath

God knew before the whole world was created that David would pick that stone. The stone that David chose was the best stone for the job.

Before the world was created God knew that you would be here in this room. He knows everything about you.

Who thinks that they are nothing special.

Well each one of us is special in Gods eyes He has chosen you to be his.

Every body who believes that Jesus died for them so that all the bad things can be forgiven and has responded to Gods love and asked Jesus into their lives as saviour and Lord has been chosen By God for something special.

John 15:16 says

"You did not choose me but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in my name He may give you"

If you are an apple tree what fruit do you have?

When Jesus said that he wants us to bear fruit it simply means that he wants us to do the things that are written about in the Bible

Mainly to love God

And to love other people

And to obey the things that he wants us to do

To see our prayers answered

To have fun and enjoy God

The stone was nothing special it was a stone it looked good but it was still a piece of rock. We do not have to be special for God to want us because it is only when we ask Jesus to come into our lives and to help us to live how He wants us to that we become extra special. We are special to Jesus because he loves us and he died so that we could know him.

If you feel in your heart that God has something special for your life, and you want to give all of your life to Him then you need to pray this prayer with me.

Prayer of commitment.

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