Summary: The Bible teaches that all men are separated from God because of sin. Sin has made it so that now men and God are on opposing sides, yet one word saves the day for men, reconciliation.

Introduction: Our journey through the book of Colossians.

Background: (1:1-2)

* This morning we are going to focus our attention on one aspect/doctrine of salvation that the Apostle Paul focuses on in order

to encourage the church at Colosse and strength their faith in Jesus Christ despite opposing teachers.

• ILL: In May 1884, two young parents disagreed about what middle name to give their newborn son. The mom preferred

Solomon; the dad, Shippe – both family names. Because John and Martha couldn’t agree, they compromised on “S”. Thus

Harry S. Truman would become the only US president with an initial for a middle name. So many divorces are not approved

because of two words “irreconcilable differences.” What irreconcilable differences means is that something has come up

between the two sides that cannot be resolved, and so finding no solution, they chose to part ways. The Bible teaches that

there is a much greater irreconcilable situation between God and man. Sin has made it so that now men and God are on

opposing sides, yet one word comes in to save the day: Reconciliation 1:19-23

Reconciliation is the removal of hostility and the restoring of friendly relationship. Paul uses the most intense form of the word here in these verses to imply a complete and total reconciliation; nothing left to be done to make peace with God.

I. Christ is All You Need To Believe In. (key verse – 1:18)

D. You Gotta Be Reconciled to God. (1:19-23)

1. The Provider of Reconciliation. (19-20)

i. RC is a work of God alone!

• It is God alone who is the architect to this plan of reconciling man to Himself.

• The one who requires man to be reconciled is the one who carries out the work of reconciliation.

Salvation’s work is not outsourced to a second party outside of the Holy Trinity.

ii. RC is a work already accomplished.

• Paul uses the past tense “having made peace” to confirm that the work to reconcile man is a past event, no

new efforts needed! (Heresy talk)

iii. RC was achieved on the cross. 2Cor. 5:17-ff

• It was Christ’s death on the cross that made it possible to satisfy the wrath of God toward sin (2 Cor. 5:21). It

was physical death, something that some of the false teachers may have been trying to dispute.

iv. RC has a universal reach.

• “reconcile all things” does not mean that all people are now saved, but rather that all men now have an

opportunity to be saved. Peter does not tell Cornilius not to worry about salvation because all people are

saved, but rather he needs to belief and repent.

• Through His Death, now He has made it possible for creation to be restored and redeemed from its fallen

state. Rom. 8:21

2. The Power of Reconciliation. (1:21-23)

i. Power to change who we were.

• Alienated – estranged, separated, alone, not on speaking terms

• Enemy of God: Our hostile attitudes toward God bens our hearts to sin/rebel against Him (1) in our

minds/thoughts & (2) in our actions/behavior.

ii. Power to be who we ought.

• The power of Christ’s work on the cross allows us to flip sides (180 degrees). So now we can stand before the

Father (court language) not has an enemy but as Holy People, Blameless People, and Blemish-free Children.

Not even Satan can tarnish our image before God.

iii. Power to fight a good fight.

• “Remain in the faith” speaks not of loosing salvation, but rather realizing that some “faiths” are short lived

(seeds in the parable). To remain in the faith refers to fidelity to the truth of the gospel, the right foundation

that produces eternal saving faith. As long as our faith is in JC there alone is salvation (perseverance of the


• “if” is not used to created doubt but the wording implies architectural language in an earthquake prone area.

Firm foundation.


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