Summary: God the Father is only pleased when His Son is honored and given preeminence.

Introduction: Journey through the book of Colossians.


• Chapter 1 is all about Paul presenting a solid case that these Christians did not need any more knowledge from outside sources,

the Word made flesh is sufficient. In order to grow as Christians and at the same time combat false teaching, this church must

grow both in faith and wisdom.

• Charles Quarles: “This false teaching threatened to undermine the supremacy of Christ, rob the church of its peace and joy, and

destroy the unity of the church that had characterized it from the beginning.” Lifeway Study, p. 37

• With so many different teachings and ideas about God & Jesus being presented to the church at Colosse, Paul uses verses 12-19,

Paul begins to stress the absolute importance of God the Father and Jesus the Son. (There is only one deity, and you sure better

know Him) In fact (15-18) is written as a hymn, and it was used by the early church as just that, a hymn that taught them the

correct doctrine of Jesus Christ.

• One phrase sums up the relationship between God and Jesus, verse 15 – “He (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God,…” The

word “image” is the word used to describe photography, or the portrait/likeness of a king on a coin. The false teachers were not

denying Jesus, they were talking nice about Jesus, but they were teaching that Jesus was one of many spirits/prophets/teachers/

used by God….sound familiar? Christ is the visible expression of the invisible God!

Proposition: “God the Father is only pleased when His Son is honored and given preeminence.”

I. Christ is All You Need To Believe In. (key verse – 1:18)

A. You Gotta Have Faith in the Gospel. (1:3-8)

B. You Gotta Have Wisdom to Grow. (9-11)

C. You Gotta Know Your Deity. (12-19)

1. The Person of the Father. (1:12-13,19) Prayer of thanksgiving!

i. The Father approves the inheritance.

• The Father is the initiator of all things; without His vote we would not exist. Qualified – means to make

sufficient; to authorize. We are told in the following verses that we only qualify for this inheritance through the

work of Christ on the cross.

• What is this inheritance? (the portion of the lot). We inherit eternal life (Matt. 19:29), the earth (Matt. 5:5), and

all of God’s promises (Heb. 6:12)

• Only those who are children of light will inherit what the Father offers!

ii. The Father provides the deliverance.

• Only the Father can deliver men from darkness into Light. Deliver means to rescue.

• “Conveyed or transferred” means to remove or change. To be moved into the light(12) is to be moved into the

kingdom of His Son.

iii. The Father is pleased by the Son. (1:19)

• Why? Because Jesus has carried out His will/mission perfectly.

• Why? All that men need is found in Jesus Christ.

• Why? When the Son is honored above all, then the Father is pleased. You mess with the Son, you are

messing with the Father.

iv. Application: Ill: Filling out forms to qualify for mortgage, credit cards, jobs…You must fit the qualifications before

being approved for the loan. Before we can be fit subjects for Christ’s kingdom, we need redemption and

forgiveness through the saving work of Jesus. Period.

2. The Person of the Son. (1:14-18)

i. The Son is The Supreme One. (preeminent/above all others)

• As Savior – (14) Redeemed through His blood. It is only through His blood (death) we have forgiveness for


• As Creator – Everything visible was made by Him, as well as all that is not seen (angels, spiritual world).

1) He is not a creation! He is the Creator.

2) He has always been (alpha & omega). Rev. 1:7,18

3) He holds everything together. This power is only had by God.

• As Head - (18) The new creation, the church, is Christ’s idea and work. He is the Head (chief, top rank), He

is the Founder (originator), and He is the Firstborn. Firstborn means rank, or first importance. Ps. 89:27 –

David is called firstborn son; also the Messiah will be the firstborn.

* Jesus is highest ranked in the universe, and first to die and live again. (15,18)

App: If He is not #1 in your life, then He is not where He needs to belong. If we are going to get close to Jesus, we

must remove those things/idols that are keep Him from being Sovereign Lord (not part time Lord).

Conclusion: Thinking you knew someone well, but found out how little you knew about that person. You better do your research.

• If you say you believe in God or are all in with Jesus Christ, you better know what He requires.

• This relationship is very narrow/it is very discriminating.

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