Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Most believers are not aware that they have authority from God. Consequently, they live defeated lives. We need understand the nature of our authority.

Title: You have authority! Date: March 29, 2009

Text: Luke 10:19


1. Are you familiar with the writ of amparo? Erlinda Cadapan and Concepcion Empeno, mothers of Sherlyn and Karen, respectively, were the first to test the writ of Amparo…

2. The reason why we don’t experience much of the reality of the kingdom of God in our lives is because we are ignorant of our authority as God’s people.

3. According to Luke 10:19, Jesus has given us authority. There are many other verses in the Bible that show that we have authority as God’s people. We are going to look at some of them today.

4. Here’s the truth I want you to understand: You and I have authority in Jesus’ name. We must act and live in this world as people with authority. DON’T SET ASIDE YOUR AUTHORITY; USE IT!

5. There are three important truths about our authority:

a. We have delegated authority.

b. We have demonstrable authority.

c. We have discipling authority.


1. We have delegated authority.

a. All authority belongs to Jesus Christ alone (Matthew 28:18).

b. Although He is supreme in authority, He has delegated His authority to us, His church, so that we can use it for His purposes (Col 2:9-10).

c. Therefore, as believers in Christ, we have authority over all things in Jesus’ name (Eph 1:22-23).

d. We must not be afraid to use His authority because He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Illus.


2. We have demonstrable authority.

a. The word “demonstrable” means it can be demonstrated.

b. There are two important Greek words associated with authority in the Bible: exousia (usually translated as “authority”, example Luke 10:19) and dunamis (usually translated as “power”, example Acts 1:8).

c. Interestingly, we have them both. That’s why we just don’t talk about the kingdom of God; we demonstrate it! Illus. Luke 10:8-9

d. This requires faith (Heb 11:1). But not necessarily “great faith” like that of Benny Hinn! Just small faith, focused on a big God (Matt 17:20; 21:21-22).

e. A good example of this faith is Abraham (Rom 4:18-21).

f. Let’s practice this faith now (Ask everyone to pray for each other by faith). Remember, DON’T SET ASIDE YOUR AUTHORITY; USE IT!

3. We have discipling authority.

a. Our authority has a purpose – to make disciples! (Matthew 28:19-20).

b. Our authority is ultimately to build up people, not to tear them down (i.e. it’s not a destructive authority). 2 Cor 13:10 Illus. Mayor of Calauan, Laguna, who was accused of rape!

c. This does not mean that all we want is just to make people feel good. Just like doctors and nurses, we have the authority to heal. But first we may have to give them some pain and discomfort! Illus. Dentist

d. Our discipling authority has three dimensions:

• We have authority to bring people into the kingdom of God (Matt 16:19).

• We have authority to disciple people who are in the kingdom of God (2 Tim 4:1-2; Titus 2:15). This authority has been especially given to the leaders of the church. That’s why we must submit to them (Heb 13:17).

• We have authority to remove people from the kingdom of God (Matt 18:18; 1 Cor 5:12-13).

e. Believers who do not submit to this authority nor use it to disciple others are missing out on the reality of the kingdom of God in their lives.



1. We have seen that we have authority in Jesus’ name. This authority is…

a. A Delegated authority

b. A Demonstrable authority

c. A Discipling authority

2. We must not be afraid to use this authority in our daily lives.

3. We can use our authority in at least three ways (and this will be our topics for April, except for April 12, which is Easter Sunday): through Prayer, through Praise, through the Preaching of the Gospel. We call these “The Keys to the Kingdom”.

4. For now we must celebrate the fact that we have authority in Jesus’ name. It is time for us to use this authority in our lives and in the lives of those that God is allowing us to touch. Remember, DON’T SET ASIDE YOUR AUTHORITY; USE IT!

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