Summary: Getting rid of ALL sin in your life

Some of the best actors in the world are not in Hollywood. You want see them on the TV screen. You want see them putting on a play in a theater, The best actors you will see are in church. Have you ever acted like you have it together when you really don’t have it together?

How many times have you faked it? How many times have you met your friends in town and lit your face up with a big smile, while in reality you are hurting?

Here is a family that we read about, a family of three. Two girls and a boy. Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Lazarus became sick and, as we would call it, he passed away. Rightly so, his sisters come to Christ and are crying and their friends are crying. Now Mary is upset with the Lord. She is saying: “Lord, why? Where was you at? “If you had been here my brother would still be alive”. I know personally people who are angry with God. (Talk)

This morning I want to ask you the question, “Who Will Roll The Stone Away?” How many of you have something in your heart that needs to become alive again? Is there something that has been in the tomb of your heart four days or longer? Will you roll the stone away, or are you waiting for someone else to roll it away? If you are, then you have missed the whole plan.

Although someone else hurt you, you are to go to them and roll the stone away...The stone that is holding your relationship at bay. The stone that’s keeping you from going any future with your friendship. You know, we call ourselves Christians, and so we are. But how is your friendship NOW!

What about the stone that’s keeping you from being happy? Have you allowed satin to come in and try to steal your joy, your happiness, your peace of mind? When Lazarus was in the tomb, dead..., had been there four days, his sisters came to Christ and said: If You had have been there Lord, our brother would still be alive.

Folks, as bad as we hate to admit we’re wrong, well, we are...And it’s times like these when we have to roll away the stone. YOU...personally... have to lay your pride down, your selfishness down, and roll the stone away. And then and only then you will see the glory of God shine in your life.

Have you ever been jealous of someone? Have you ever envied someone? Do you have trouble with you wanting EVERY THING to go your way? Your ideas, your decision, your way or the highway? You have words with your spouse, you are right he or she is wrong. Your mind is made up. You CAN’T be wrong. You think of ANY way to justify your actions. You fall in love with yourself. Your temper fliers. You get ready for Church, you drive down the road, upset at the world, then you pull up in the drive way at Church, you look in the mirror make sure your tears are wiped clean, your hair is combed,

Ladies your makeup is in order, men, your blood red face is back to normal. Then you get out, clear your throat, you come through the door together and say something like: “Where do you want to set dear”?

The pastor comes to you and ask how are you this morning, you both say Doing great pastor”. “You want to set here honey”? That’s find baby, anywhere you want to set as long as I’m with you my love”. And down deep you are thinking? “Boy, you wait till we get home, are we going to ever have it out.

James:1:26: If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. When Christ told them to roll away the stone, Martha, Lazarus’s sister said: “Lord he will stink.” Sometimes we have something in our minds that’s been in there much longer that 4 days and it stinks.

They have been times in my life that I’ve had an old grudge, and other things, that have kept my happiness and my joy away, and had it so long that it begin to stink. But, I’ve had to be a man, I’ve had to humble myself, and roll away the stone. And when I did, God’s glory shined on me.

Christ said in essence, “Ok ladies, go to the tomb, and roll the stone away and see the glory of God.” Now, could He have rolled away the stone? SURE HE COULD’VE. But He told them to roll it away.

So now I ask you, have you a stone that needs to be rolled away? Do you need to let something go in your life? Is something hindering you from doing more for God, for your family, for your friends? Do you need to let go of the passed where someone has said something or done something that’s really hurt you and you harbor that? You’ve held on to it a long time and it stinks.

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