Summary: What is your soul waiting for?

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• We all face seasons of chaos and turmoil in life. There are times when we live life on the edge and we desperately seek rest and peace.

• There are times when there is a stirring in the depths of our soul, yet the frustrating part is that we cannot put a finger on why our soul is being stirred.

• We know something is not quite right, yet we do not know what it is.

• We know the outside pressures of life are affecting our inner peace, yet we do not know what to do to correct the issue.

• This brings us to Psalm 62. Psalm 62 was attributed to David.

• David was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), yet his life was very chaotic. David had many self-inflicted wounds, yet he had the wherewithal to understand the longing of his soul.

• David writes Psalm 62 during the rebellion of his son Absalom. Absalom was seeking to kill David, David had to flee for his life while his son flaunted his rebellion for all of Jerusalem to see.

• David has a lot of outside noise going on in his life at this time.

• It is under these circumstances that David was inspired to write the 62nd Psalm.

• I believe, particularly for those who are Christians, that our soul is possibly waiting for us to do some things.

• Today we will open the curtain to Psalm 62 as we examine what our soul is waiting for.

• Let’s begin with verse 5.

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Psalm 62:5 (HCSB) Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him.

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My soul us waiting for me to…

I. Find my rest in God. (5)

• We can all imagine the noise of life and how it can drown out our peace. He can all relate to the bad feeling at the pit of our stomach when the noise of life gets too loud.

• Imagine the position David is in, his son has taken over the throne and is actively seeking to kill David.

• In verse 1, which we are not covering today, David realizes that even in the midst of the difficulties that have beset him, that he finds his rest in God alone!

• He speaks in verse 1 of how his salvation comes from God, therefore he can be at rest in God.

• Now as we drop down to verse five, which we are now examining, we see that David offers another reason for resting in God.

• Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him.

• In verses 1 and 5, when David speaks of REST, he speaks of the fact that he is able to rest because of his conviction that God is sufficient.

• How many sleepless nights have you had because something was weighing on your soul?

• You were asleep but you never were able to rest because the noise of life was simply too loud for you to be able to tune it out and relax.

• David, in the midst of life screaming at him, was able to rest in God because he knew that God was sufficient! David’s confidence lies ultimately in God.

• In verse five, David tells us his HOPE comes from God.

• His hope is built on the underlying faith his has in God to defend and protect him.

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