Summary: God has set an alarm clock for us and it has gone off. The alarm clock tels us it is our appointed time to arise and to be radiant.

Isaiah 60:1 – 5 & 19 - 22

First we need to understand once again that God does operate in eternity while we as humans live in time. Long before time began eternity already existed and long after time has seized to exist there will be still eternity.

Secondly we need to say again that God only operates in the spiritual dimension while we are in the natural dimension. God is the unseen and the supernatural while we are the seen and the natural.

Thirdly we must understand that what God has planned and ordained in eternity, before the foundations of this earth, will happen in the natural at the appointed time.

The easiest way to explain this is to compare it with an alarm clock. There is a reason why we set our alarm clock for at the appointed time we want it to go off. The moment this alarm clock goes off it makes an announcement. The moment this alarm clock went off it announces the breaking of a new day. In the same way, I believe, God had predestined something in eternity and He has set the alarm clock. Somewhere and sometime this clock will go off and something miraculous is going to happen in our lives. That which God has determined in eternity will go off in time.

This is exactly what I see in this Scripture.

Isaiah 60:22

AMP: The least one shall become a thousand [a clan], and the small one a strong nation. I, the Lord, will hasten it in its [appointed] time.

CEV: Even the smallest family will be a powerful nation. I am the LORD, and when the time comes, I will quickly do all this.

God says that there is an appointed time; in other words the alarm clock has been set and at a certain time it will go off. And when it goes off it is time to arise from the depression that your circumstances has put you in and to shine and to be radiant with the glory of the Lord.

The Bible is very clear that the appointed time is here; the glory of the Lord is here to shine upon us. Our alarm clock has gone off and it is time to arise. The glory of the Lord is here and even the smallest family can become like a powerful nation.

Listen, your alarm clock is ringing and it is announcing your breakthrough.

This is exactly what happened with Peter.

Luke 5:1 – 2

John, James and Simon (Peter) had their own business – fishing. They were professional fishermen. They knew exactly when, were and how to catch fish. But in this Scripture we find not on the water but their boats were drawn up by the lake and they are busy washing their nets. The reason for this is because they didn’t catch any fish.

In fact there was no need to wash the nets because they didn’t catch anything. But they knew it is better to wash the nets than to go home and tell the wife there is nothing. It is better to sit at the lake than to see once again the disappointment in their wife’s and children faces. It is beter to wash the nets than to proclaim to their families that they have failed again.

I believe we will agree that the success of a man at his work has a lot to do with who he is. And here these three guys are sitting and the whole town knows they have failed. Everybody came to buy some fish but there was yet again nothing. I believe they were starting to feel very sorry for themselves.

We must understand that the level of success a man experience at his work has a profound influence of how successful he sees himself at home. That is why they rather chose to wash the nets than to go home. They were sitting in the depression of their circumstances but they didn’t realise that their alarm clock has gone off.

Vers 3

We need to understand something here. Jesus was not known by Peter at this stage. In fact Peter was not born again yet. He was a truly and real hard fisherman. But he was so caught up in his circumstances that he didn’t even had the fighting spirit to stop this stranger from getting into his boat. If it happened a week earlier Peter would have most probably try to bash Jesus head in. He would not have allowed a stranger just to climb in his boat but his alarm clock has gone off. It was time for him to arise from the depression his circumstances has put him is and to be radiant with the glory of the Lord.

In eternity God has set his alarm and now it went off and Jesus Christ, the outshining of the glory of God, is climbing into his boat.

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