Summary: God is able to meet your greatest need.


Text: Isaiah 55:1 – 3, 6, 7


· What’s the greatest need that you have?

· Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

o Physiological needs (oxygen, food, water)

o Safety needs

o Love, affection, and belonging needs

o Esteem needs

o Self-actualization needs (need to be and do what they were born to do)

· Must meet needs of one level before next level can be addressed


A. The Problem

· You have a serious need (v. 1)

· You have no way to meet that need (v. 1)

· You have been looking in all the wrong places for a solution (v. 2)

B. The Plea

· Listen (vv. 2, 3)

· Come (vv. 1, 3, 6)

· Call (v. 6)

· Repent (v. 7)

C. The Promise

· God wants to meet your need (v. 7)

· God is able to meet your need (v. 7)

o It’s available to all (v. 1)

o It’s free (v. 1)

o It’s satisfying (v. 2)

o It’s everlasting (v. 3)


· Are you hungry and thirsty?

· John 4:13, 14; 6:35

· Revelation 22:17

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