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Summary: This is a sermon for graduates; I read a sermon on this site by Greg Buchner and it got my thoughts going so, I want to give him credit for helping me get started



Today these young adults are filled with so much hope. They have dreams to pursue and they are ready to begin a new journey.

However, having hopes and dreams does not guarantee that one is ready to start this journey. For one to see their hopes and dreams fulfilled, it will be necessary to make sure they are prepared.

story of being unprepared ) Probably one of the most significant events to happen in your lifetime was on Sept. 11, 2001. People got up with hopes and dreams. They went out to pursue those hopes and dreams and yet, they were not prepared for what awaited them that day. Our nation’s leaders were not ready for planes to be hijacked and crashed into the world trade center, and the pentagon. AND because so many were not prepared many hopes and dreams were destroyed on that day.

Talk about Jim Elliott...

While there are many events that will take place over the course of your life that are outside of your control, I want you to know that if you have made a few spiritual preparations, then you can be guaranteed a life of success; and if your hopes and dreams are Christ centered hopes and dreams, you can be confident they will be fulfilled.

Are you ready for the next stage of your life, to face the challenges that no doubt WILL come your way? Not talking about financial challenges, or political – I’m speaking of spiritual challenges.

There is a passage of scripture – where the disciples were about to begin a new stage of life and Jesus told them EXACTLY what they needed to do to be ready for this! I believe this is EXACTLY what you need as well.

So, to see if you are ready to begin writing this new chapter in your life, I want to give you one final exam. I know, you thought your exams were over, but this exam is more important than any exam you have been given.


PROPOSITION: Six Questions You MUST Be Able To Answer As You Begin This New Stage of Life!

I. SCIENCE: What Is The Evidence That The Bible Is True? (v 44)

a. (read vv. 44)

b. People believe what they believe for a lot of different reasons.

1. Science professors and teachers believe evolution – because that is what they were told.

2. Other religions – because that is what they were told.

3. Unfortunately, many Christians believe the Bible because their parents, S.S. teacher and preacher have told them it is true and they have never thought about reasons we should believe what we believe.

4. PROBLEM – when you get to college – you will most likely run into a professor who will have as his goal to challenge your beliefs – he will stand before you as an academic authority and give you a one sided argument, and if you are not aware of the evidence on the other side – that he certainly won’t tell you about –

5. Then you will become another one of his victims and begin to wonder if what you have always believed is really true. And because you are not sure anymore about the reliability of the Bible, you will be of no use in serving Christ.

6. You SAY – “How do you know that will happen?” Because it is happening to about 70% of our teenagers who graduate from Bible believing churches and go off to secular colleges!


a. Evidence that Bible is true – fulfillment of O.T. prophecies –

i think of it like an ADDRESS – takes 7 pieces of information to get you a letter from anywhere on earth –

ii In the O.T. there are 70 major prophecies about the Messiah – can you imagine an address with 70 details? There would be no doubt who the letter was intended for and folks, JESUS fulfilled those prophecies!

iii In my opinion, this is the greatest evidence we have that we can trust the Bible!

iv (Listen to what Josh McDowell writes in A Ready Defense – p. 210, 211 section: An Address in History – 2 paragraphs)

b. Read – MORE THAN A CARPENTER – Parents – buy your teenager this book – A READY DEFENSE by Josh McDowell

II. LITERATURE: What Is The One Book You Must Keep Reading? (v 45)

a. (Read verse 45) …Comprehend the scriptures…

b. (illustration – graduation – money in the Bible)

c. It is in the Word of God we find out greatest treasures / Psalm 119:1,2, 9-16


III. HISTORY: What Do You Need To Remember?

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