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Your mouth is going to get you in trouble

Exodus: chapter 1 verses 9&10

Good morning Friendship first off all giving all the honor to GOD who is the head of my life to Pastor King, the ministers in the pulpit the Deacons and all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Turn with me to Exodus: chapter 1verses 9&10

9 And he said unto his people, Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we:

10 Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land.

I want to make a few quick points. The first thing I want to show is that Israel has committed no trespass against the Pharaoh. The only thing Israel has done is to be faithful and multiply. Yet out of fear and jealousy he has begun to speak against them. Second, Pharaoh has put his mouth against Israel and against GOD. Pharaoh curses himself the moment he puts his mouth against GOD’S people. Pharaoh makes the same mistake most of us do. He thinks he can say what he wants and that there are no repercussions for that and that is not true. We pay for the things we say. The message this morning is

Your mouth is going to get you in trouble

Believe you me as long as GOD is blessing you someone has it out for you. You don’t have to be than done anything to them but it just eats them up that you are blessed. The enemy is jealous of your anointing, your place in GOD. Your Car, your house, your job your husband/wife your relationship. But the scripture says that every time they afflicted Israel the more they multiplied the more they grew the more they were blessed. So let them talk about you because, every time someone talks about you, you need to shout because that means GOD is getting ready to bless you with something new. The more they talk and try to hold you back the more you’ll be blessed. See you can’t curse what GOD has blessed the only thing you are going to do by talking about them is bring more suffering upon yourself. Jesus said in Luke 6/26 woe when men speak well of you. So that let’s me know Jesus knew they were going to talk about us. Jesus also said in Luke 6/28bless them that curse you and prey for them that despitefully use you. So see you don’t have to do anything you don’t owe anyone any explanations any answers you just keep praising GOD and he’ll keep blessing. You keep serving and he’ll take care of the rest. I’m reminded of another who put his mouth against Israel. Balak said to balaam curse them that we may kill them but every time balaam went to open his mouth against GOD’S people GOD blessed them out of his mouth. God will use the same tongue that means you harm and make it bless you. Favor is not fair but God is just they won’t have since enough to stop. You can’t hinder or hurt people of GOD without repercussions. No one can condemn us but ourselves.

We have stopped taking GOD literal for what he says and commands of each of us. Gossiping in the church back biting, back stabbing hurting each other for no reason at all. Smiling in your brothers and sisters face and then talking about them behind their back. Tearing one another down in the eyes of others so that we can seem more important than we are. We have a problem with them so then we want everybody else to have a problem with them also. Then I prey to GOD there is no one new around because we’ve just destroyed them in someone else’s eyes before they even got a chance to know them. It’s a dangerous game to play with our salvation like that because that is just what is happening while we’re talking about them GOD is listening and he’s remembering 1Ch 16:22 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. What we do is place GOD in a position where he has to do something because he can be no shorter than his word. Meaning GOD IS NOT A MAN THAT HE SHOULD LIE. We force him to have to punish us. That’s the mistake Pharaoh made and he paid for it, remember. I said Pharaoh spoke his own curse. When pharaoh told the midwife to kill the first born sons of Israel he spoke his own curse when GOD SENT MOSES to Pharaoh he said tell pharaoh that Israel is my son even my first born. Before Moses is set to be the deliverer before Moses has met GOD or even knows GOD. PHAROAH HAS SPOKEN THE FINAL PLAGUE OF EGYPT, UPON HIMSELF that day when he told the midwives kill the males. GOD ALREADY NEW MOSES WOULD BE HIS ANNOINTED ONE HIS CHOSEN ONE BUT BY TRING TO THREATEN HIS LIFE and alter GOD’S plan PHAROAH KILLS HIS FIRST BORN.

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