Summary: To share how we can overcome difficult times by Soaking in God's Word, Soaking in Prayer, and soaking in service to God.

You’re not the boss of me. This is a phrase that most of us parents have more than likely heard from our children when speaking to one another. I believe that most kids will learn this phrase and use it towards their siblings more than any other phrase.

It seems to me that this is one of those things that most of us are born with. Each of us since birth want our independence, we each want to be our own bosses in life, and we like to call the shots within our lives. I don’t know if I have ever met anyone that desires to be told what, when and how to do something young or old!

Illustration: A meek husband is advised by his shrink don't act like a frightened mouse

Go home and assert yourself more Show her you're the boss of the house He rushes home, walks in and slams the door, Tells his wife her treatment of him is a disgrace

"From now on, you're taking orders from me" He shouts, while shaking his fist in her face. "I want my supper right now, lady and then go upstairs, and lay out my best gear

tonight; I'm going out with the boys, while you stay where you belong. Here!!

And guess who's going to comb my hair, Give me a shave, and polish my shoes like new"

His wife replies very firmly and calmly, "The undertaker, my dear, that's who"

-Isn’t this how many relationships go? We begin them very well. We start off placing the one we love so very high and have no problem placing them first over us and all we want to do is serve them and make them happy but through time something changes doesn’t it? The position that we originally place them seems to magically change to a much lower position in our lives.

-It shows in the way we talk to them and even in the way we don’t talk to them. They get less and less of our attention with each passing day and over a matter of time the one that we loved so dearly, the one that we held in such high esteem is treated as if they might as well be just an acquaintance.

I suppose, over time we revert back to a child in many ways. We forget what is truly important in life and our inner child screams out, “You’re not the boss of me”!! We have an…

I.Inflated view of ourselves.

A.Likewise this too is how many of our relationships with God have become as well. We have taken a higher position in our minds than that of God. We have inflated our view of ourselves so highly that we have committed a sin against Him. The sin of Blasphemy.

1.What is Blasphemy exactly? It’s placing yourself above God and by doing so we are saying that we ourselves are more important than God Himself and we don’t really need Him because we have it all figured out.

John 10: 33 We are not stoning you for any of these,” replied the Jews, “but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.”

Matthew 12:31 And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

2.Why is the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit not to be forgiven? Because when you refuse to hear the Holy Spirit's voice anymore, the call to repentance. You have put yourself out of His reach, and completely turned from God.

3.You don’t ask for forgiveness, as you don't feel a need. Therefore will never repent. You are placing yourself above God and in His place, which is blasphemy!

4.Is it possible that some of us have found ourselves in this position? Maybe when you first gave yourself to Jesus, you placed Him high and were willing to serve Him daily at any cost. You placed Him over yourself in all matters and the only thing that you truly cared about was pleasing Him, serving Him, and making Him happy.

5.And just like in our earthly relationships, we slowly began to place ourselves a little higher each day. We slowly placed ourselves higher than God. We justify our wants and desires if they are in conflict with God’s Word.

6.We say things like; I need to sleep in on Sundays, I don’t have time to pray and speak to God today, I don’t feel like reading the Bible and want to watch this or that on television.

7.We try telling ourselves that God understands and He doesn’t care if I skip out on our relationship here or there.

Illustration: Let me ask you this. How would your husband or wife feel if you simply didn’t feel like talking to them one day because you were too pre-occupied with something else? Or you are just too busy to spend any time with them because you would rather spend your time away from them doing something else?

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