Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Youth Minister Struggle and youth Ministers Struggle

As a Youth Minister In the Caribbean it is very hard to preach the word of God to the type of young people we have in the generation. the only thing that they have their minds is their cellar phone. But they understand we to have been their where they are stand we as youth ministers in the youth ministry must learn to take a stand against think where young people believe just is just a place they go when they don't have anything to do am sorry but it is not. we must learn a Caribbean People to treat the Church of God with Respect we will reach no where in life because of out wicked was in the house of the Lord.

Youth Minister's Must learn to make the right choices when we are dealing with young people, it's every young person feel that everything is good in church because that same church can be the church to bring you down. when i was 15 years old my church hated me because i was a regular church goer like everyone else they even hated me more when i join the join choir and the junior choir and youth choir all they want to see that i never reach any where in life but because God is so merciful that never came to past.

life is not about pleasing people its about pleasing God the Father the Son and Holy Spirit not man or what man has to say only God knows about tomorrow for we don't know what the future may bring so don't worry about the future for it may bring you poverty. In middle of your trail in the middle of your fears put God my Brother's and Sister's Put God First in your home , work, play, school, church and in mind.

My brothers and sisters place God First in your life

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