Summary: Do you have an excitement to have more of God in your life? Do you have a zeal for being in the House of God? Each of us should have a “Zeal” for the things of God, the House of God, the ways of God and the children of God.

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The Life of Christ Series

Intro: Tonight we continue our studies on the Life of Christ. We find ourselves in the early days of His earthly ministry. Up until now the details for our study has been somewhat limited. But from here on out there will be a lot of detail as we search the scriptures.

The life of Christ should be a life long study for every believer.

I am careful not to make Wednesday nights a lesson plan of tedious information.

That is especially the case for tonight’s message. The title for tonight is:


Do you have an excitement to have more of God in your life?

Do you have a zeal for being in the House of God?

Each of us should have a “Zeal” for the things of God, the House of God, the ways of God and the children of God.

Text: John 2:13 thru 23

Here is what we can see in these verses:

I. Jesus went to the Temple.

A. Notice the first thing Jesus does when He arrives in Jerusalem is to get on down to God’s house. Nothing else is more important. Jesus (at another time) clearly tells us to “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

B. There were many other Jewish festivities taking place all over Jerusalem. There was music, food, fun and fellowship in the streets. They did not distract Jesus from getting to the Temple.

C. Jesus knew what He would find there. He had already seen on all of His other visits to Jerusalem (during the Passover every year). There has never been any surprises for Jesus because He is all knowing.

II. Jesus was responsible for the Temple.

A. The Temple was Jesus’ favorite place to go. Why? It belonged to Him. Even the disciples could see this personal connection Jesus had for the Holy Temple. They quoted among themselves Psalm 69:9, “The zeal for your house has eaten me up.”

B. Question: Do you have that kind of personal connection with this House of the Lord?

C. The Temple’s well being was Jesus’ priority. I am convinced that what Jesus found that day, He had seen most every time He came there for the Passover. For sure we know that this happened 3 years later (in Mark 11:15) when Jesus came back to be arrested and crucified for being the Son of God.

D. Question: So how important are the things going on down at the church to us? The events of this church should be a priority to each one of us (that call this our church.) Church membership. The financial support of this church. The upkeep and improvements of this church. And certainly the future of this church. They all should be important and a priority to each of us.

III. Jesus judged the Temple of those who were unrighteous.

A. Jesus believed the animals belonged in the barn or the pasture, and not in the House of God. The Holy of Holies was only a few steps away from what was going on in the Temple. The Temple must remain a sacred place set aside for worship, and should never be defiled by the odors and feces of animals. A manger may have been where Jesus was born but it is not where Jesus will reign and rule the earth!

B. The money changers did not belong in the Temple either. They belonged in the market place where it was acceptable to earn a profit, but not in the Temple of the Lord. The money changers wanted to profit from those who came to worship. The Temple of the Lord is a place of giving to others. Not taking from others.

C. The sins of the wicked will be dealt with harshly. There are those who have no regard for the Holiness of the Lord. There is no tolerance in the God’s wrath on those who do evil in the sight of the Lord.

D. The best way to cleanse the Temple of those who are unrighteousness is to open our altars for those who will humble themselves and repent of their sins.

IV. Jesus prophesied while at the Temple.

A. Jesus knew the fate of Jerusalem and the Jewish religion. What the Father had established in the men and women of the Old Testament (such as, King David and Solomon) would soon be destroyed and left in ruble once again

1. The great Roman leader, Titus, would later set fire to all of Jerusalem in the year 70 a.d. The Roman Government decreed that no Jews were to ever return to set foot within the walls of Jerusalem.

2. All that Jerusalem once held for religion would come to a tragic end.

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