Summary: Redemption, salvation, forgivenss, covenant

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Luke 1: 67-79 (p724) December 11, 2011


Last week we began our look…or better yet, our listen…into the songs of Christmas…and our first song came from Mary’s lips…A Song that celebrated God’s plan…A song that worships the god who keeps His promises.

If you remember Mary has received the message of God’s plan through Gabriel, an angelic messenger…and part of the information he delivers is that Mary’s relative, Elizabeth is also pregnant…even though she’s “in her old age” and “was said to be barren” (Luke 1:36) She’s already 6 months along…

Mary goes to stay with Elizabeth…she spends 3 months with Zechariah and Elizabeth before she returns home. 6+3 =9

Our elderly parents welcome, mentor, love and protect Mary for 3 months. It’s probably through this period of time Joseph finds out about Mary’s circumstances, considers “divorcing” her privately….(so she won’t be stoned to death) and then….God speaks

Matt 1: 18-25 (p 681)

God is at work in the lives of Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah and Joseph…

I personally think Joseph must have been an amazing godly man…He will be the most important step-father in all created history. We don’t know much about him….except for the way he handles the situation with Mary before Gabriel’s visit... (That says a lot!)…

But think of Joseph’s faith…it’s a dream…Mary’s visit wasn’t a dream…dreams can be questioned and doubted…but Joseph answers God’s call of faith….Marry’s Mary…doesn’t sleep with her until after Jesus is born…and cares for this family at least until Jesus is 12 (that’s the last we see him in scripture) including taking them to Egypt for protection and the temple in obedience.

Zechariah also is in a miraculous circumstance…He’s older, more set in his ways…He’s used to traditions…He’s a priest…As Dr. Luke begins his presentation of the gospel…He begins with….”a priest named Zechariah…Look with me as…


Luke 1: 5-25 (p 723)

Not only is Zechariah a priest…He’s been a priest for a long, long time…He’s a Levite, a descendant of Aaron through the line of Abijah. He and Elizabeth have no children…both he, and his culture view this as a curse…no one to care for them in the old age and no one to leave their estate to…no one to carry one his “name” Elizabeth is barren…Many understood this pain…but its especially acute in this culture.

Abraham’s blessing was that his descendants would number like the “Sand of the Set” This is the blessing all Jewish people longed for…being barren in this culture was looked upon as a curse…as if God was saying, “Your unfit to reproduce.”

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