Summary: Jesus’ life from the perspective of His guardian angle. The angle tells the story of Jesus from His birth through His death. He was able to see the physical world, the spiritual conflicts and the Father’s pain.


Today, I would like you to go with me on a journey to meet a very special person. We get on a bus outside that takes us to the airport and we fly to Cape Canaveral, Florida. We board our space shuttle and away we go. Higher and higher we fly. We make that famous turn and finally we are in outer space. We approach a much larger space ship to take us to another galaxy. You see across the side of the ship that it is called “Encounter”.

As you enter the ship, you are greeted by your host. She shows you to your room. It is a beautiful room with a window view into the universe outside. You ask, “Where are we going?”

Your hostess answers: “We are going across the universe. I promise you, you will love the ride and you will not be disappointed with our destination.”

At warp nine we pass through a black hole and seven days later, we come out on the other side of the universe. Near the Orion. No, we do not go into Orion, but instead we veer left in to a small solar system. We land at a planet near the gates of heaven.

After getting off the space ship, our guide meets us and we are led into an incredible building. This building was built out of white marble with gold pillars on both sides of the entrance. The cracks between each tile were filled with a combination of gold and silver. This is where we are meeting our special guest.

There are a lot of other people in the auditorium. People chattering a way while we wait for the program to begin.

An announcer walks up and introduces our special guest. “Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce Zordak.”

Zordak walks in. He is 20 feet tall and obviously very dignified. You can tell by his eyes that he has been through a lot of battles and has accumulated a wealth of experience. He raises his hands and the crowd quiets down.


My name is Zordak. In our language it means, “guardian”. I am a captain of a legion of angels and I report directly to Gabriel. I am sure you are interested to know some of the things that I’ve done. Well, I guess I can tell you some of them.

Do you remember the angel that was charged to guard the Garden of Eden? Well, that was me. Adam and Eve had just fallen into the temptation of Satan. They had to be removed from their garden home and it was my responsibility to make sure they do not re-enter the garden.

I was also the one that accompanied Jesus and Gabriel. We met Abraham on our way to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Gabriel and I went to Lot’s home while Jesus stayed to talk to Abraham. Well, you know the rest of the story…

I was the angel that threw David to the side to avoid Goliath’s spear. Then I took his rock and guided it right to the forehead of Goliath. And I pounded it into his forehead to make sure.

My legion was also assigned to kill the Assyrians when they attacked Jerusalem. We wiped out 180,000 soldiers that night. The hard part was fighting through the evil angels to get to the soldiers. About a third of the Assyrian army was destroyed that night. When they woke up and discovered what had happened, they ran from Jerusalem and Judea.

The War in Heaven:

I was also involved with the Great War in heaven. Jesus led us into battle against Lucifer and his angels. It was really hard to fight against them because they were our friends. They were our brothers and we had communed with them for so long. And now we were on opposite sides.

After the Great War, Satan and Jesus had a conference. At the conference Satan wanted to come back into the fold. He pleaded with Jesus to take him back, but it was too late for him. Jesus knew that Lucifer did not have a true repentant heart. And if He accepted Lucifer back, Lucifer would sooner or later create trouble again. Probation had closed for Lucifer. With tears in His eyes, Jesus told Satan that it was too late for him. He could never enter and be part of the heavenly court again.

It was then that Satan became determined to destroy as much of God’s creation as he could.

I still see some of my former friends. They’ve changed. After 6,000+ years of evil, they are no longer the same. Sometimes, you can still see the longing to go back to the days before the Great War.

Next time you come to visit, I will tell you more about the war.

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