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Mell Baptist Assn
4022 Tift Ave N
Tifton, Georgia 31794
Phone: 229-386-0865
4 + years
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
100 - 249

Jason Jones

Mell Baptist Assn

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
The Mell Baptist Association is a cooperating group of Southern Baptist in the Tift County, GA area. I serve as their Director of Missions

Church-planter with NAMB in Maine for four years Pastor, Ne... read more
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sermon comment
Evelyn Murphy
January 10, 2010
the virgin birth is folk lore.many religions prior to christianity advocate a virgin birth.egypt,and it''s ancient God Horas.This was also a virgin birth among others.The entire thing is a hoax.I am a former Catholic.
sermon comment
Jason Jones of Mell Baptist Assn
January 7, 2010
Sorry, David, didn''t see this comment till now. Sorry, I wasn''t more clear. My congregation, and those who listen, know that I believe mormons are not Christians, and their views are heretical. It was for illustration only, b/c it is the only subset of the population that has a significantly lower divorce rate. And even though they are not redeemed, and do not have the Spirit within them, they are doing something right in the marriage area. that is all that I was saying. and in the audio, you will probably find some of the qualifying statements that you are looking for...this is just an outline.
sermon comment
David Wilson of Grant Avenue Baptist Church
January 16, 2009
I was in full agreement with the author of this sermon until he cited Mormon practices. Of course, we cannot hide the fact that Mormon families manage to stick together-- but the author includes this with no qualifying statements as if the Mormons are brothers and sister in Christ. The Mormons are very moral people and some of their practices have a firm Biblical foundation-- however, their definition of who God is, who Jesus is, etc. differs greatly from Biblical Christianity. As an illustration, a warning statement indicating that the author was not endorsing Mormon beliefs and practices would prevent misunderstanding.
Judy Calsing
July 8, 2008
As a member of Pastor Jason't church plant in Maine, I can verify that Pastor Jason has certainly followed his best advisor. When he preaches, he sticks to the Word! God speaks to me directly through his exposition of each book preached. EXCELLENT and knowledgeable teacher! Truly gifted and called by God to preach.
sermon comment
Frank Mccomber
December 9, 2007
Rev 5: 9 & 10 I have found to be two of the most encouraging verses in the bible. They give so much meaning to our life down here as followers of the Lamb - Jesus. It explains what he has done for the Father by Himself (He has purchesed men for God) and what we will be doing for our Father with Jesus (He has made us kings and priest and we will reign upon the earth). This is Great News which is the Gospel (of the kingdom of God and of His Christ. This is what Jesus came to earth to teach. At the beginning of Acts we are told that Jesus the Lamb taught the Disciples things pertaining to the kingdom of God. At the conclusion of the book of acts Paul ended his life teaching the believers about the kingdom of God. This is the focal point of the individual believer and that of the church. What a brilliant hope we have to look forward to. Jesus the Lamb HAS purchased us and we WILL reign on the earth with Him soon! Glory to our fantastic Father!!!He is all wise, all love as well as all powerful so nothing came prevent Him from fulfilling this promise '...He has made us kings and priest and we shall reign upon the earth'. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory and honour and praise - Amen.