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Owen Bourgaize


Baptist, Church Member

About me:
Retired Lay Preacher

A believer in Christ since aged 10

University of London Certificate of Proficiency in Religious Knowledge Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

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sermon comment
John Gullick of Riversdale-Waikaia
April 3, 2015
== I think we all forget in the rush of preparing our sermons to identify all our sources. Later we decide to submit them and the ideal is not fulfilled. When I have quoted Barclay I have not quoted him because although he is brilliant sometimes at others I don't agree with his thinking about miracles so choose to use but not confuse. But I am indebted to his work. blessings John
sermon comment
Manuel Parcon
February 19, 2015
Great sermon...except you did not quote William Barclay when you discussed about Paradise. It was verbatim...I just hope you mentioned your resources if you're going to quote them word for word. God bless.
sermon comment
Robert Mcmurdock
April 2, 2015
Are you sure it was an incomplete quote from William Barclay. We do have to remember that nothing is really original and perhaps the statement you say comes from William Barclay was for the moment mistakenly written without tribute to the author. Maybe it would have been better to have just dropped the matter and kept the tribute to a fine sermon. Blessings
sermon comment
Jesse Roland
January 8, 2014
Excellent sermon!