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Owen Bourgaize

Denomination: Baptist

About Owen Bourgaize

Education: University of London Certificate of Proficiency in Religious Knowledge Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Comment to those looking at my sermons: I’ve been blessed in having good resources in my preparation and I pray that you will find my messages helpful in your ministry.

One of my favorite illustrations: I begins with a parable, not Biblical, but something which happened on holiday. My wife and I were motoring in Yorkshire. It was a fine day and we thought we’d stop off to enjoy the scenery at a viewpoint high up on the North Yorkshire Moors, at Sutton Bank. When the time came to move on my wife started the car but it refused to get into gear. A symbol came up on the dashboard to indicate that the onboard computer had detected a serious fault. I looked up the handbook which said that th

Family: Married with two adult children

What my parents think of my sermons: They are now in Glory but they encouraged me in their lifetime.

What my spouse (really) thinks of my sermons: Don’t preach for longer than about 20 minutes.

Best advice given to me about preaching: Be yourself - ’Be a first-class’ you, not a second-class’ someone else, prepare well and, in prayer, trust God for His enabling in delivery, and for the Holy spirit to communicate the message that He wants the listeners to receive.

Books that have had an impact: Expositions of Dr D Martyn Lloyd Jones and Dr John Stott (UK)

Hobbies: Gardening and charity adminisration

If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and trust Him for your eternal salvation.

What I want on my tombstone: Faithful to the end