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  • True Communion

    Contributed by Greg Allen on Apr 16, 2006
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    I honestly don’t know if Jesus is glorified through crackers and grape juice. And I wonder what he must think when we come together, go through our little religious ritual and leave with the same me-first mentality that we came in with.

    Today I want to look at the different viewpoints of the last supper from the 4 gospels. Traditionally only 3 of the gospels are credited with recognizing the last supper, Matthew, Mark and Luke. Let’s look at those: Matthew 26:20-30 20When it was evening, Jesus sat down at the table with the more

  • Communion Service Series

    Contributed by J. Yeargin on Nov 29, 2006
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    Jesus once spoke to His disciples about their FLESH. In Matthew 26, He gave them a very stern warning. He said, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the FLESH (sarx) is weak."

    Communion Service Text: John 6:41 thru 56 Prayer: Prepare us to receive Holy Communion. As we begin this time of Communion, let us be mindful that we are to share in the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. COMMUNION SERVICE - I Corinthians 11:23 thru more

  • Walking In Dominion

    Contributed by Bishop Dr. Julius Soyinka on Oct 14, 2015
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    Christ has all the power in heaven and on earth, portions of this power has been given to everyone that believes in His name and that is living a new life by the works of His redemption. Such people are expected to walk in dominion in every area.

    Walking in Dominion Study Text: Ephesians 1: 19 - 23 Ephesians 1:19-23, "may you have the spirit of understanding and your eyes be enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding more

  • The Pathway To Personal Revival

    Contributed by Kevin L. Jones on Mar 4, 2010
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     | 653 views today

    A sermon examining the way to experience revival in your life.

    The Pathway To Personal Revival Judges 10:10-16 When you see a tree broken over in a windstorm, it’s easy to think that it was the wind. If you look closer, you will often see that insects have been at work a long time on the tree, making it weaker and weaker. It really wasn’t the wind that did more

  • Communion Revisited

    Contributed by Martin Wiles on Apr 13, 2012
     | 621 views today

    A doctrinal examination of the Lord's Supper.

    A. It is said Jesus and some of his followers must have been Southern since they used the word Supper instead of Dinner when referring to the Lord’s Supper. B. There has been a great deal of misunderstanding about the Lord’s Supper or Communion throughout church history with several more

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