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Why do sermon research with SermonCentral?

  • SermonCentral is the largest sermon research site in the world. Over 150,000 sermons, illustrations, and dramas are available for research.
  • SermonCentral is the most popular sermon research site in the world. Over 250,000 church leaders come to the site every week.
  • SermonCentral is the best sermon research site in the world. Over 300 new sermons and illustrations are added every week; new contributors join every week; searching for materials is easy; access to 100% of the sermons is totally free!

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Why join SermonCentral PRO?

SermonCentral PRO is the premium upgrade of SermonCentral including the following features:

  • It's an Audio/Visual World. Use videos to start your service, illustrate an important point, as background visuals for worship, and so much more. PRO members receive access to download all video illustrations, worship music videos, motion backgrounds and service starters in our media library.
  • Fill your sermons with the best illustrations. Pro users not only have access to our huge database of over 30,000 free illustrations, they also receive special access to an additional 10,000 premium illustrations - identified by pastors and ministry leaders as the best sermon illustrations on SermonCentral. Be sure to check out the Illustrations channel for more great sermon ideas.
  • Add visual impact to your sermons. Unlimited PowerPoint access lets you search and download over 3000 professionally designed PowerPoint slides. Visit our PowerPoint channel to see what the SermonCentral community is using in their services.
  • Improve your sermon searches. The Pro Sermon Searches use filters that fine tune search results. Save time and find just what you are looking for without having to read through dozens of sermons.
  • Discover sermon series. The Pro Series Search helps you find hundreds of series.
  • Find your favorite materials. The Add to Favorites button stores your favorite resources to your own favorites file; access your favorites from any Internet connection. Spend more time creating and less time recreating.
  • Plan and prepare your sermons. The Add to Calendar button saves material to your calendar. You can plan your sermon schedule in advance and store material to help you organize, plan & write better sermons, faster.
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Why become a SermonCentral Contributor?

  • Get a Free Year of SermonCentralPRO. When you contribute 40 sermons you become a SermonCentral Key Contributor, and you will receive a FREE year of SermonCentral PRO (a $119.40 value).
  • Manage Your Own Sermons on a State-of-the-Art Database. Have you ever wanted to pull up an illustration you used years ago, but you couldn't find it? Wouldn't it be nice to find any comments you made about a text or topic from any sermon you preached? You will be able to do all of this and more - fast and easy!
  • Help Pastors and Missionaries Worldwide. Church leaders from over 100 countries use SermonCentral. Your sermons can go to countries you could never enter, helping expand the Kingdom of God. Give new life to old sermons!
  • Promote Your Church or Ministry with a Link to Your Web Site. If you have a web site, your Profile Page will provide a link to your web site.
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