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Paul Duke


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About me:
I am not a "real" minister. I am really an accountant who happens to preach. =-) My dad is a minister and I filled in one time at my home church. I have since been a fill in at my church and othe... read more
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A. David Hart of Salem Baptist Church
January 31, 2007
Greetings Bro. Dukes I enjoyed your lesson on Acts 8:26-40, it sounds as if you enjoy what you are doing. But if allowed may I say, I'm a preacher and I take my preaching very seriously. The points that you referred to as preachers corny subject points, are points that are prayed over and thought out to be points that can be applicable to the listener. This as I said earlier is taken very seriously. I not sure if the points you've heard in the past have been corny or not but I've been around preachers that feel the same as I do about their sermon preparation, Dr. E.K. Bailey, Dr. Steven Olford, and Pastor Terry D. Streeter just to name a few. And these men put prayer and time into each of their sermons. Once again I enjoyed your lesson and I pray that you take these words not as words to hurt you but as words that will help you become a great teacher in God's Word. I pray God's richest blessings upon you and your ministry of teaching. Be Encouraged Be Faithful Be Determined Pastor Alonzo D. Hart, Jr