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Paul Duke

Contributor since: May 27, 2004

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Carmel Indiana , 46033

About Paul Duke

Education: Graduated from Anderson Univerity with a degree in accounting.

One of my favorite illustrations: When I go to a church for the first time, I tell them that I have a rule that I like to be followed. And the reason I want them to know it is so that the next time I come to fill in, they will know my rules of operation. I tell them, "As the preacher, it is my job to speak. And as the congregation, it is your job to listen. Now, if you happen to finish your job before I finish mine, let me know and we can all leave together." Especially helps with my first time at a new church. Sets a relaxed atmosphere.

Family: I am married and have 2 great kids -- Caleb and Sierra

What my parents think of my sermons: They love them. Growing up, my dad used me in his sermons. Usually he tried to embarrass me when I got older. Now, I try to use him in mine and if he visits when I preach, I try to get him. =-)

Best advice given to me about preaching: Watch your time. My dad has always said, "The brain can absorb only what the rear end can endure."

Hobbies: Love karate! I study American Kenpo. I won the 2000 PKC international karate tournament. I also put on women’s self defense seminars.