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Stephen Smarowsky


Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
We believe that all scriptures of the Old Testament and the New Testament are plenary verbally inspired by God and that they are the supreme and final authority in faith and life. Matt.28:19-20 Ano... read more
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Koon Seet
July 6, 2015
sermon comment
Jimmy Ubong Emmanuel
March 30, 2014
i a an upcoming writer and would love to be coach by your ministries
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Ajayi Oladimeji Simeon
January 31, 2014
This is great
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Darren Sirmans
July 19, 2010
There is a right time when our heart is the way God wants it. I thank God for disappointments, it only reveals the curse in my arms. And because my arms are short compared to God. I''ve learned in my heart that God used disapointment to strengthen me, but first he''s going to let me tear my self down by trusting in others or other things. I know, since I been calling the name of Jesus, he has drawn so close to me until most of my friends don''t come around me any more, instead they get angry at me for no cause. It''s all a disapointment an opportunity for my heart to hurt and me to call on the name of Jesus.
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Greg Irby of Temple Baptist Church
February 12, 2009
Great message. Especially in these days of uncertainty, we still can count it all joy. Keep on preaching
Salikity Vaikuntarao
February 9, 2009
i am waiting for your mails so long time but i have no mails from you thanku your salikity vaikuntarao
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Peter Loughman of new plant
August 26, 2008
Thanks, very helpful - God Bless
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Bruce Ball of Point of Grace Nazarene Church
July 11, 2008
Pastor, excellent insight and excellent sermon. I appreciate your perspective.