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Freddy Fritz avatar
Challenges Christians Face
Shared By: Freddy Fritz on Jan 2011
61 sermons in this series: The Salutation of 1 Corinthians The Thanksgiving of 1 Corinthians Divisions in the Church Human Wisdom and the Wisdom of the Gospel Boasting Only in the Lord Proclaiming Christ Crucified Wisdom from the Spirit Sectarianism Is Carnal The Ministry: Watering Working Warning Shun Worldly Wisdom The Faithful Minister Responsibility and Humility Like Father Like Children Immoral Church Members Church Discipline Lawsuits against Believers Flee Sexual Immorality Dealing with Debatable Matters - Part 1 Dealing with Debatable Matters - Part 2 Concerning the Collection - Part 1 Concerning the Collection - Part 2 Concerning the Collection - Part 3 Concerning the Collection - Part 4 Dealing with Debatable Matters - Part 3 Priniciples of Marriage Guidelines for Marriage Live As You Are Called The Unmarried and the Widowed Food Offered to Idols Paul's Pattern of Self-Denial Paul's Pattern of Serving All Men Paul's Pattern in Striving for a Crown Learn from Old Testament Examples Flee from Idolatry Do All to the Glory of God Head Coverings Abuses at the Lord's Supper Institution of the Lord's Supper Examine Yourself before Partaking Spiritual Gifts One Body Many Parts Love - Part 1 Love - Part 2 Comparing Prophecy and Tongues Tongues Need to Be Interpreted Tongues Are a Sign for Unbelievers Proper Order in the Church Meeting Let All Be Done Decently and In Order The Resurrection of Christ The Hope of the Christian's Resurrection Christ's Resurrection Assures Our Resurrection What If There Is No Bodily Resurrection? The Resurrection Body Mystery and Victory Concerning the Collection - Part 1 Concerning the Collection - Part 2 Concerning the Collection - Part 3 Concerning the Collection - Part 4 Paul's Final Instructions Final Greetings Grape Juice or Wine? More
based on 143 ratings
Audience: Adults
Pat Damiani avatar
Basic Training - Ephesians
Shared By: Pat Damiani on Jan 2007
67 sermons in this series: Set Apart Chosen For His Pleasure Free At Last Chosen For His Purpose Signed Sealed Delivered The Heart of the Matter All I Need to Know The Greatest Power Why the Church Matters Why We Need a Savior But God! How God Met My Deepest Needs It's NOT All About Me God's Masterpieces The Dangers of Religion Tear Down this Wall! Living Beyond Myself Pay it Forward Life's a Mystery My Life Work Why Be Part of the Church In the Presence of the King No Rain - No Rainbows Heart is Where the Home Is Be All That You Can Be Enough How to Prevent a Church Split Birds of a Feather Diversity in Unity Christianity is Not a Spectator Sport A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep Growing Into the Head Get Back? - Never! The Truth that Transforms Dress the Part To Tell the Truth Some Unconventional Wisdom About Anger The Christian Work Ethic Sticks and Stones Grieving the Holy Spirit To Forgive is Divine Loving Like Jesus How to Keep Sex from Becoming Your God The Difference Between a Lapse and a Leap We'll Leave the Light on For You A Wake Up Call Watch Out for the Shortcuts! Who's the Boss? How Can We Keep from Singing? A Love Affair with Jesus How to Really Love My Wife Restoring the Sanctity of Marriage A Legacy of Honor The Evasion of Exasperation Passing on the Baton of Faith Take This Job and Love It Spiritual Boot Camp The Belt of Truth The Breastplate of Righteousness It's Gotta Be the Shoes The Shield of Fatih The Helmet of Salvation The Sword of the Spirit Prayer - All or Nothing How to Pray for Others Be A Hero An Undying Love for Jesus More
Kevin Ruffcorn avatar
Shared By: Kevin Ruffcorn on Jun 2007
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Audience: Adults