Series: David¡¦s Lamp (Kings Of Judah) #9
Song: ¡§All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name¡¨ (¡§i Worship¡¨ DVD)
Scripture Reading: 2 Chronicles 34-35:19
Introduction To Sermon:
1. We have become spectator oriented in our worship; but our worship should be participatory. Worship is giving, not just receiving. There are three ingredients of worship:
„» The one who worships.
„» The One who is worshipped.
„» The action of worship.
2. So what is worship? The word ¡§worship¡¨ means to ¡§bow down¡¨ or to prostrate¡¨ oneself.
3. This morning as we look at King Josiah, we will find the last godly King of Judah. Josiah took over the Kingship at age 8 and was following his father Amon, who was very evil in God¡¦s sight. King Josiah gives us a good picture of what true worship is. We must notice that this worship took place throughout his lifetime. This morning we are going to have an interactive worship service as we look at several aspects of worship.
1. There are three dimensions of worship:
„» Outward: Our relationship towards others.
„» Inward: Our personal behavior.
„» Upward: Our relationship with God.
2. One of Josiah¡¦s tasks was to repair and clean up the Temple. In the course of that work a great revival struck the hearts of the people. This shows the result of what worship can do for a people.
3. There are three things we must learn today:
„» We must see worship as an important part of the church. Walk will come as a result of worship and work will come as a result of walk.
„» We must see worship as a source of spiritual renewal. We come to this building for spiritual renewal. In essence this is a spiritual hospital.
„» We must see worship as an active experience. We must get away from this idea of spectator worship and move into the truth which is participating in worship.
„^ Before we can truly worship God, we need to get rid of the un-confessed sin in our lives. Take the 1st slip in your bulletin and write down 1 thing from each category in your life that is keeping you from worshipping God as you should.
„^ I want you to fold that in half and bring it with you to the altar.
[Come to altar for prayer time.]
Song: ¡§The Heart Of Worship¡¨
2 Chronicles 34:1-2
1. Notice two key phrases here. ¡§He did what right in the eyes of the LORD¡¨, which tells us that God was pleased; and ¡§walked in the ways of his father David, not turning aside to the right or to the left¡¨.
2. When the Bible talks about ¡§your walk¡¨, that is simply talking about your behavior.
3. There are three areas of walk we must notice:
„» Walk in love.
„» Walk in the Light.
„» Walk in wisdom.
„^ Take your 2nd slip and write down what is hindering you from walking in the way of the Lord. Again, fold this in half and bring it with you to the altar.
Song: ¡§Surrender¡¨
1. Josiah had worshipped and he was walking correctly. The product of his