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God loves us even though we mess around with other gods. It’s the message of love and forgiveness God taught Israel through the marriage of Hosea and Gomer.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 8/2/2003
Gomer's unfaithfulness as a symbol of us, and Hosea's humility in purchasing back his bride as a symbol of Christ's humility to come and suffer for us.
Denomination: Anglican
Scripture: Hosea 1:2-1:12
Shared: 7/19/2013
Lessons from the life of Hosea. God’s love is beyond reason, inescapable and tough.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Hosea 1:1-1:10
Shared: 12/27/2000
A unique way of retelling of the story of Hosea and Gomer.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Hosea 1:2-3:5
Shared: 1/2/2001
Love costs something, sometimes it hurts to love, Jesus taught us that, Hosea discovered it, in this passage.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Hosea 1:1-3:5
Shared: 7/9/2001
Sermon shares the unconditional love of God for his people through the story of Hosea and his marriage to a prostitute named Gomer.
Shared: 4/28/2003
Thesis: Our relationship with God should not be weighed by how we relate to the things of God, but how we relate to the person God. So let us stand fast in the relationship that God desires to draw us into.
Shared: 6/11/2003
This is the first of a two part message concerning the message of the book of Hosea. This deals with the marriage between Hosea and Gomer and how it parallels God’s relationship with Israel and in fact, all Christian believers.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Hosea 1:1-1:11
Shared: 5/21/2004
God is so in love with you that He will go to drastic, even crazy means to get your attention.
Shared: 10/21/2003
God is faithful to the extreme, which is why we need to see the extraordinary way He reached out to a rebellious people in Hosea and respond accordingly
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Scripture: Hosea 1:1-14:9
Shared: 5/17/2006