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1. Christmas informs the culture. 2. Christmas transforms the culture. 3. Christmas forms a new culture.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Luke 2:25-2:32
Shared: 12/23/2006
Have A Passion For The Gospel. Let God have you. Let God transform You. Let God Love You. And if you do, your heart will begin to hear the music and your feet will learn to dance .... as never before.
Denomination: Anglican
Shared: 7/3/2013
How should American's handle our wealth? Should those who are wealthy feel guilty about special vacations and favorite hobbies. Should we sell everything if we want to be real follower of Jesus?
Denomination: Christian Church
Shared: 11/27/2013
In a culture where tolerance is the highest virtue and where sincere belief is the only thing important to faith, are Christians too exclusive in believing that Jesus is the only way to eternal life? What does that salvation look like?
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: Matthew 7:1-7:14
Shared: 12/3/2013
Being in the world can feel like an alien experience. Do we hide under sheets and hope not be detected? Do we marshal our forces in order to "not be part of the world"? Or does Jesus mean more when he says, "Be in the world, but not of it."
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: John 17:1-17:18
Shared: 12/12/2013
There are few issues more polarizing than homosexuality. How should the church respond to criticism lobbied by the LGBT community. How do we approach our gay neighbor?
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: Romans 1:15-2:4
Shared: 11/6/2013
Is Christianity a crutch for the weak minded and naive? How should Christians respond to the criticism?
Denomination: Christian Church
Shared: 11/21/2013
Special sermon for a combined bilingual service at the University Church of Christ in Abilene, TX
Shared: 4/8/2009
What is our response as God’s people to homosexuality
Shared: 4/20/2004
Our effectiveness as Christians hinges on our ability to avoid the culture of godlessness.
Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:1-3:9
Tags: Faith
Shared: 12/5/2002