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Tom Papez avatar
Jesus Series: Want to See God Work
Shared by: Tom Papez on Nov, 2009
Summary: This generation seeks a sign, no sign will be given to it.The California Gold Rush and King Xerxes are used for examples.
Series: Jesus Series
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Matthew 12:30-40
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 712
 Lorenzo Edwards avatar
It is Time to Go Deep!
Shared by: Lorenzo Edwards on Apr, 2008
Summary: And I am here to tell you today when God’s got a divine calling in your life he will get in the situation and get in your problems with you.
based on 17 ratings
Scripture: Luke 5:4
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 10,814
David DeWitt avatar
Stopping Stagnant Growth
Shared by: David DeWitt on Sep, 2006
Summary: The church like all living things has been created to grow
John Hamby avatar
“Being Fishers of Men”
Shared by: John Hamby on Jun, 2009
Summary: In Jesus’ invitation to “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” we find that there is one command, one promise and a lifelong process.
based on 29 ratings
Scripture: Mark 1:17
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 50,725
David DeWitt avatar
Following the Fisher of Men
Shared by: David DeWitt on Sep, 2009
Summary: We are called to become fishers of men by following the fisher of men
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 4:18-22
Denomination: Wesleyan
Views: 551
Dino Rizzo avatar
The Twelve, Part 3
Shared by: Dino Rizzo on May, 2009
Summary: This is part three of a seven-part series on Jesus’ disciples and the principles of discipleship. This message focuses on Andrew and Peter.
Series: The Twelve
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: John 1:35-42
Views: 955
Patrick Nix avatar
Starting Right
Shared by: Patrick Nix on Jan, 2012
Summary: More from Mark about Christ's ministry beginning...
Scripture: Mark 1:9-20
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 491
Harold Laubach Jr avatar
The Miracles of Jesus: Catching Fish!
Shared by: Harold Laubach Jr on Nov, 2011
Summary: Sermon on the Miracle of Jesus catching fish.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Luke 5:4-11
Denomination: Salvation Army
Views: 2,561
Tony Abram avatar
Come and Dine!
Shared by: Tony Abram on Sep, 2010
Summary: One of my favorite memories as a child was when I would be playing and mom would call me home for supper! In the message of the disciples fishing and Jesus calling to them to come and dine we find the Word teaching us many lesions in this sermon outline
based on 8 ratings
Scripture: John 21:1-15
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 2,471
Jason Winters avatar
King Fishing
Shared by: Jason Winters on Aug, 2010
Summary: how to become fishers of men
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 4:19
Views: 422
Paul Clemente avatar
Fishers of Men
Shared by: Paul Clemente on Oct, 2011
Summary: If we do not allow anything to get in the way of following Jesus Christ, we will be “fishers of men” as well, leading them to be saved from their sins!
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Luke 5:1-11
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 1,092
Tim Smith avatar
The Call
Shared by: Tim Smith on Sep, 2013
Summary: They may be the three most powerful words in all of spoken language. You hear these words and life may never be the same, changing who you are, the life you’ve known, how you will look at life and the people in your life as well.
Series: Multiply
Scripture: Matthew 4:18-22
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 585
Tim Smith avatar
The Charge of a Disciple
Shared by: Tim Smith on Sep, 2013
Summary: In his resurrection and appearance to the disciples and through the Day of Pentecost, Jesus accomplished two things: He gave them their mission and empowered them for it and He created His Church, the body of Christ.
Series: Multiply
Scripture: Matthew 20:18-20
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 652
Jeffrey  Sims avatar
Catchin Anything?
Shared by: Jeffrey Sims on Oct, 2013
Summary: A sermon about being equipped to be fishers of men and being intentional about winning souls
josh foster avatar
Shared by: josh foster on Feb, 2014
Summary: The mission of “fishing” is at the heart of who we are and what we are called to be. During this sermon, we will discover our motivation for proclaiming is love for God and His kingdom. We will also see numerous ways to engage in this mission.
Scripture: Mark 1:14-20
Denomination: Nazarene
Views: 376
Jimmy Haile avatar
Jesus Is Calling
Shared by: Jimmy Haile on Mar, 2014
Summary: He is calling you today, will you answer His call?
Scripture: Mark 1:16-20
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 474
Rick Crandall avatar
Following the Steps of the Savior
Shared by: Rick Crandall on Apr, 2014
Summary: We can still follow the steps of Jesus. God's Word shows us how. 1. We must repent (vs. 17). 2. We must respond to God's call (vs. 18-19a). 3. We must be re-created (vs. 19b). 4. We must rely on God for the catch (vs. 19c-22).
Scott Spencer avatar
Fishing for Men
Shared by: Scott Spencer on Aug, 2013
Summary: What does it mean to follow Jesus? What does it mean to hear "the Master's call?" "Many are called but few are chosen," the Bible says. In order to understand that statement, we may say that many are called but few really respond to that call.
Scripture: Mark 1:16-20
Denomination: Calvary Chapel
Views: 614
David N. Clay avatar
"Let's Go Fishing"
Shared by: David N. Clay on Aug, 2013
Summary: The "why" and "how" of reaching and teaching people for Jesus.
Scripture: Luke 5:1-11
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 659
Christopher Holdsworth avatar
I Go A-Fishing
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Dec, 2013
Summary: In the ordinary course of duty we may not always see great success, but when we let the Lord join the party then the extraordinary occurs.
Derrick Tuper avatar
Got Fish?
Shared by: Derrick Tuper on Jan, 2014
Summary: Jesus teaches his disciples some valuable lessons in the miracluous catch of fish in John 21.
Leslie Tarlton avatar
“Come Follow Me and I Will Make You Fishers of Men”
Shared by: Leslie Tarlton on Jan, 2014
Summary: Conclusion - most important verse in NT - for understanding our role as Christians.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Matthew 4:12-25
Views: 1,702
Gordon McCulloch avatar
What does fishers of men really mean?
Shared by: Gordon McCulloch on Jan, 2014
Summary: The phrase “I will make you fishers of men” has never meant much to me, I just cannot relate to it at all. Here we find out the true meaning of that phrase one that does relate, and one that gives you power if you could only see. Read on …
Jeff Strite avatar
Let’s Go Fishing
Shared by: Jeff Strite on Apr, 2013
Summary: The best fishermen often have expensive rods and reels and lures. But these are only tools. If those tools don’t help them catch fish, they’re worthless. What tools do we use to "catch" souls for Jesus and how does Jesus turn us into "fishers of men"?
David Henderson avatar
Fishing for Jesus
Shared by: David Henderson on Mar, 2015
Summary: How many of you have ever been fishing before? Well I have. I enjoy getting out in the sun on the lake. It’s nice. But you know what I really enjoy doing when I go fishing? Actually catching fish.
Scripture: Matthew 4:19
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 773
Monte Brown avatar
The Fish Gate
Shared by: Monte Brown on Sep, 2014
Summary: The Fish Gate reminds us that we are to get involved in evangelism because we have been called to be ‘fishers of men’.
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Nehemiah 3:3
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 983
David Henderson avatar
Fishers of Men
Shared by: David Henderson on Dec, 2014
Summary: Well Jesus knew that many of the people he would have as his early disciples would be fishermen because it is one of the main ways people made money in that part of the world. So he went out to get his disciples and this is what he said, “follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 239
Clair Sauer avatar
Leaving It All
Shared by: Clair Sauer on Jan, 2015
Summary: Our role as disciples of Christ requires that we leave everything behind and put Christ first in our lives. It is easy for us to practice Christian discipleship when it is convenient for us, but Christ calls us to much more.
Scripture: Mark 1:14-20
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 1,500
Jeffrey  Sims avatar
Gone Fishing
Shared by: Jeffrey Sims on Jan, 2015
Summary: A sermon about Jesus calling four fisherman to follow him and how we also are called and equipped to be Fishers of People.
Scripture: Mark 1:14-20
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 349
Dave McFadden avatar
“A Life Worth Living”
Shared by: Dave McFadden on Mar, 2015
Summary: A life worth living is a life on mission.