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Our prayer life must begin with our relationship with our heavenly Father. God wants us to spend time in his presence even before anything else so we can know his heart. Only afterward should we pray for our needs and the needs of others.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: John 15:7
Shared: 11/29/2006
Too many people think religion is something they cannot do. God has not distanced Himself so far from us that we cannot find Him.
Shared: 7/25/2008
We can easily take the easiest path but God calls us to navigate the narrow one
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: Matthew 7:13-7:14
Shared: 1/7/2011
But when we seek the first thing we must seek is Godís kingdom, not our own. We need to stop worrying about tomorrow because today has enough problems of its own. When we are doing Godís work and concentrate on that our problems will go away. When we seek
Shared: 5/1/2007
A sermon for the 3rd. Sunday of Easter, Series C
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: John 21:1-21:19
Shared: 4/17/2010
How to be wise in our worship: 1. Go the distance to seek God (vs. 1-2). 2. Follow the guidance of God (vs. 2-9). 3. Come to Jesus with an abundance for God (vs.10-11).
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2:12
Shared: 8/2/2013
1. Jesus finds us (vs. 9). 2. Jesus invites us to follow Him (vs. 9). 3. Jesus fellowships with us (vs. 10). 4. Jesus functions as a doctor to heal us from our sin (vs. 11-13).
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 9:9-9:13
Shared: 9/15/2013
Time is almost up be saved today.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 17:1-17:5
Shared: 3/28/2014