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Andrew Stringer avatar
The Fellowship of the Gospel
Shared by: Andrew Stringer on Jul, 2007
Summary: This is a sermon about cooperating as a church to get the gospel to the ends of the earth.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Philippians 1:3-11
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 345
Paul Apple avatar
God's Call Promotes The Gospel
Shared by: Paul Apple on Oct, 2000
Summary: none
based on 16 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:1-7
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 182
Reginald Mortha avatar
The adventurous advent season
Shared by: Reginald Mortha on Mar, 2002
Summary: The expectation and hope instilled by the birth of Jesus among the people of the world is the salvation of history.
based on 60 ratings
Scripture: Luke 1:26-36
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 2,063
Dr. Ronald Shultz avatar
The Great Commission
Shared by: Dr. Ronald Shultz on Mar, 2001
Summary: Go! Fight! Win!
based on 109 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 5,160
Jeff Strite avatar
CSI Jerusalem - Eyewitness Testimony
Shared by: Jeff Strite on May, 2006
Summary: Jesus built His church upon the foundation of a multitude of witnesses. Sometimes we forget how significant that can be.
based on 52 ratings
Views: 14,395
Tim Smith avatar
The message of a Disciple
Shared by: Tim Smith on Sep, 2013
Summary: In our Scripture passage today, Paul gives the Gospel message in a condensed form. He tells us the story of Jesus, focusing on the main events of Jesus’ life
Series: Multiply
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 1,114
Stephen Belokur avatar
Evangelism 2
Shared by: Stephen Belokur on Oct, 2013
Summary: What is our motivation for evangelism? Are we safe in our "cocoon" of personal salvation or do we see the lost people of the world as those who are truly in danger of an eternity without the Lord?
Scripture: Colossians 1:6-14
Denomination: Nazarene
Views: 1,121
Michael Stark avatar
The Mystery of Godliness
Shared by: Michael Stark on Oct, 2013
Summary: The message of Christ and His work on our behalf is a mystery of God. In fact, Paul speaks of this as "the mystery of godliness."
based on 1 rating
Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:16
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,021
John Gaston avatar
Shared by: John Gaston on Oct, 2013
Summary: Without compromising the Scriptures, we DO find situations where it's feasible and logical that large numbers of unevangelized peoples have made it to heaven without being told about Christ. Check it out
Scripture: John 14:6
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 457
Ed Vasicek avatar
Vertical and Horizontal
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Oct, 2013
Summary: When a believer worships, serves, and prays, his heart needs to be directed two ways.
Scripture: Colossians 1:3-8
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 736
Gordon McCulloch avatar
The Gospel message in the leper who returned
Shared by: Gordon McCulloch on Oct, 2013
Summary: Here in the story of the Leper who returned to thank Jesus, we see a very powerful gospel message, and message that will question your relationship with Jesus.
Scripture: Luke 17:11-19
Denomination: Episcopal
Views: 1,442
William D. Brown avatar
Galatians 1:6-12 THE GOSPEL
Shared by: William D. Brown on Oct, 2013
Summary: Paul had explained to these Galatians converts that in Christ Jesus we are saved by grace through faith in His finished work on the cross, and not any thing pertaining to the Mosaic law.
Scripture: Galatians 1:6-12
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 945
Paul Clemente avatar
Effectively Sharing the Gospel
Shared by: Paul Clemente on Oct, 2013
Summary: let us follow the example of paul, silas, and timothy
Ajai Prakash avatar
Light of the Gospel
Shared by: Ajai Prakash on Oct, 2013
Summary: The message of the gospel defeats Satan. We don’t preach ‘your best life now.’ We preach Christ crucified – the only way to salvation. The Power of the gospel exposes, veils and reveals Christ crucified.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:1-6
Views: 663
Rick Finitzer avatar
"Jesus Seeks Sinners"
Shared by: Rick Finitzer on Oct, 2013
Summary: Jesus’ Mission was to save sinners! Biblical Christianity, the one revealed in the Word of God, teaches the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ was on a rescue mission, sent by God the Father, to save the lost.
Scripture: Matthew 9:9-13
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 2,685
Steve Shepherd avatar
The Gospel of God
Shared by: Steve Shepherd on Oct, 2013
Summary: Several different looks at this “good news” gospel. 1- It’s the gospel of the apostles 2- It’s the gospel of the prophets 3- It’s the gospel of the Son
based on 79 ratings
Views: 11,359
Dan Cormie avatar
A Fragrant Offering - Part 1
Shared by: Dan Cormie on Oct, 2013
Summary: Do tend toward bitterness? Are you preoccupied with how hard and unfair life can be, do you see the blessing of others and feel envious or sad or maybe even angry? If I am a bitter person; how do I stop being that way - can I stop?
Scripture: Ephesians 4:31-5:2
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 404
Dan Cormie avatar
A Fragrant Offering - Part 2
Shared by: Dan Cormie on Nov, 2013
Summary: Dealing with bitterness. If you were messing up in a big way - but not seeing it - would you want someone to tell you? Rebuke doesn’t sound loving but it is. We need rebuking when we are not seeing ourselves accurately.
Scripture: Ephesians 4:31-5:2
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 829
Jimmy Haile avatar
Onward Christian soldiers
Shared by: Jimmy Haile on Nov, 2013
Summary: We have to carry on, just like Joshua had to carry on what Moses had started, we are carry on and carry out the Great Commission!
Scripture: Joshua 1:1-2
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,375
William Baeta avatar
Shared by: William Baeta on Nov, 2013
Summary: “And as they were stoning Stephen, he called out, ‘Lord Jesus, receive my spirit’” Acts 7:59.
Scott Kircher avatar
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Shared by: Scott Kircher on Nov, 2013
Summary: What would you say to someone who asked How can I become a Christian? Learn how to remember and communicate the gospel to those who need to know.
based on 9 ratings
Views: 1,917
Aubrey Vaughan avatar
The Gospel of I or Christ Crucified
Shared by: Aubrey Vaughan on Nov, 2013
Summary: Christian Idolatry was alive and well in Corinth and its live and well today watch Paul address the gospel of I.
Series: 1Corinthians
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 381
Christopher Holdsworth avatar
Comfort Ye
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Nov, 2013
Summary: Comfort in the certainty of God's Word.
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-11
Views: 913
James May avatar
A Foundation that Results in Thanksgiving
Shared by: James May on Nov, 2013
Summary: Thanksgiving is the natural product of a heart that is founded upon Jesus Christ. Let us preach the gospel of salvation through the blood of Jesus and then we will see a revival of thanksgiving in our churches and in the naiton.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Ezra 3:11-13
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,449
Davon Huss avatar
Strengthened By the Gospel
Shared by: Davon Huss on Nov, 2013
Summary: A sermon on Romans 16:25-27 used on Sunday before Thanksgiving (Material adapted from John Piper at: http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/sermons/god-strengthens-us-by-the-gospel)
Scripture: Romans 16:25-27
Views: 397
Christopher Holdsworth avatar
I am not ashamed of the Gospel
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Nov, 2013
Summary: Incentives to share the gospel with others.
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:8-17
Views: 717
Dan Proctor avatar
Reaching Children With The Gospel Of Christ
Shared by: Dan Proctor on Dec, 2013
Summary: Sometimes I think we fail to realize how important the children and youth are in the church, the body of Christ. We grossly underestimate their importance. They are the hope for the future growth and vitality of any local church.
Scripture: 1 Samuel 2:1-3:1
Denomination: Bible Church
Views: 1,472
John Shearhart avatar
John 6:41-45
Shared by: John Shearhart on Dec, 2013
Summary: Jesus shows that the promise of the gospel is guaranteed to all God’s children by grace through faith and that it cannot be lost or gained by any good work.
Scripture: John 6:41-45
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,034
William R. Nabaza avatar
Gospel of GOD preached to Jews and Gentiles
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Dec, 2013
Summary: To show that our lifestyle is faith.
Scripture: Hebrews 4:2
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 480
Christopher Holdsworth avatar
The Call of the First Disciples
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Dec, 2013
Summary: Every Christian has a part to play.