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This sermon helps the believer see the importance of growing up spiritually
Shared: 9/11/2009
He said when he was a child, he spoke, thought and reasoned as a child; but when he became a man, he put away childish things.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Tags: Character
Shared: 8/8/2001
This sermon helps the believer see the importance of growing up spiritually
Tags: Flow, Grow, Glow, Action, Go
Shared: 9/11/2009
• We discussed last week that this is the year of God’s completeness of order. Today we need to make the 1st steps to ensure we meet our God Goals we set last week. Our goals can be met when we grow spiritually. • Salvation is just the beginning of a r
Scripture: Psalms 139:1-139:4
Shared: 7/31/2010
Q&A: What would truth be without love? Puffed up knowledge. However, truth mixed with love becomes a powerful spiritual mixture that will convert the helpless and the hopeless. Doctor RT. Kendall was asks the question: “What is the number one reason p
Denomination: Church of God
Tags: Love, Faith
Shared: 8/1/2012
Keys to growing Spiritually in 2010. Key factors that will make you a better Christian in 2010
Scripture: Psalms 139:1-139:4
Shared: 7/21/2010
Paul understood that God had a plan for him and that even though he had his own desires, he should make plans in accord Gods plan, and sometimes this meant that he would need to be flexible in his own plans.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Romans 1:12-1:16
Shared: 10/22/2011