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We’ve gone a long ways away from our roots as Americans. So, one of my goals is to do a little bit of educating. People need to know this, & if they don’t hear it at church, where will they hear it? (*Powerpoint Available - #204)
Shared: 6/17/2003
God has blessed America. Now it’s our turn.
Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:1-2:6
Shared: 6/25/2003
This message is a "Part 2" continuation of my sermon - "Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord." (*Powerpoint Available - #205)
Scripture: Psalms 33:12
Shared: 6/17/2003
How can we turn this nation back to God? Can it even be done? Yes! We can make a difference!
Denomination: Pentecostal
Shared: 5/2/2003
1- We still trust God to be our God. 2- We still trust God to take care of us. 3- We still trust God to save us.
Scripture: Psalms 33:12
Shared: 6/26/2006
July 4th sermon, talking about how our nation WAS founded under the precepts of Christ, and how the only way we can help it get back there, is to go to Christ first as individuals. Reworked from a Jerry Shirley sermon.
Denomination: Nazarene
Shared: 6/26/2006
This sermon looks at how we, as a country can Bless God in appreciation for all His blessings to us! Used as a sermon for the 4th of July.
Denomination: Adventist
Shared: 6/23/2006
This sermon considers some of the conditions that are threatening America’s future.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Isaiah 9:18-9:21
Shared: 6/29/2006
Jesus prays that the Father will protect us. But how does the God do that? How does God guard us and shield us when we live so exposed to the temptations and lusts of this world?
Shared: 9/15/2013
The Hebrews pair up the practical human effort with the practical Godly effort to address the dire circumstances they find themselves in.
Scripture: Exodus 17:8-17:16
Shared: 4/22/2008