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There is no lack in God.In order to have great opportunities you must sow seed. A seed is a tiny beginning with a huge future.
Scripture: Luke 6:38
Shared: 1/21/2006
It’s not what happens to you in life that determines your future;it is how you respond to what happens that determines your future.
Scripture: Philippians 1:6
Shared: 5/27/2008
Si queremos estar listos para la venida del Señor, necesitamos escuchar su voz.
Denomination: Salvation Army
Scripture: Isaiah 40:3-40:5
Shared: 3/23/2010
Nobody wants to fail & God didn’t create you to fail.
Scripture: Ephesians 2:10
Shared: 5/29/2008
You have a challenge of seeing yourself the way God sees you. As you see yourself, so others will see you.
Scripture: Isaiah 43:18-43:19
Shared: 5/29/2008
Jesus came not to control your life but to give you life. Jesus came not to steal life, but to give abundant life.
Scripture: John 17:3
Shared: 5/27/2008
Dios tiene un propósito para cada uno de sus hijos y para ello tiene un método para llegar a este. Veamos como el profeta Isaías habla en una parábola todo lo que debe tomar en cuenta el sembrador para que la semilla le dé una cosecha abundante y el fruto
Denomination: Apostolic
Scripture: Isaiah 28:23-28:29
Shared: 9/16/2010