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How to be free of Sexual Sin - Men’s Message
Shared: 2/8/2003
One person once observed: “If men will not understand the meaning of judgment, they will never come to understand the meaning of grace.” So, what is the "meaning of judgment"? And what does that tell us about "the meaning of grace"?
Series: I Predict
Shared: 1/31/2011
Keeping our life pure is done by keeping our life in line with God’s Word. Keeping our life pure or right is accomplished by hiding God’s Word in our heart.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 3/28/2010
Unless we look like the picture God describes for us here in I Peter, the world will reject our witness. What does God say I need to look like and how can that help win the unsaved to Jesus?
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13-2:3
Shared: 1/19/2014
Sex outside of marriage and the Bible. Link inc. to formatted text, audio, PowerPoint.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Hebrews 13:4
Shared: 7/6/2013
The old nature is not eradicated...rather, a new power/new man comes to live inside as well, and the old man fights with him.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 7/10/2013
walk in love, walk in light
Denomination: Baptist
Tags: Purity, Light, Love
Shared: 7/31/2013
Good for vow renewals and True Love Waits Campaigns, as well as general purposes. Formatted Text Version and Powerpoint included.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Hebrews 13:4
Shared: 5/18/2004
What God is telling us about true faith versus claiming to have faith. 1- Faith demonstrates good 2- Faith believes in God 3- Faith produces righteousness
Scripture: James 2:14-2:26
Shared: 1/23/2012
Many male Church members are "hooked" on pornography.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 9/21/2001