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The people of that day were unbelievably wicked, but was there a chance God would have spared them? Did God want to? And what can the flood tells us about the coming judgment at the end of time when Jesus returns?
Scripture: Genesis 6:5-6:13
Shared: 4/27/2014
I’m convinced that if we want to have the resources we’ll need for a time of crisis, then there are some preparations that each of us must make. (*PowerPoint available - #246)
Scripture: Romans 8:31-8:39
Shared: 4/30/2003
God allows storms in our life so that we can experience the power and the presence of Christ.
Scripture: Matthew 8:23-8:27
Shared: 4/30/2003
We may never be completely isolated from many of the storms of life, but we can know God’s peace in the midst of the storm.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Mark 4:35-4:41
Shared: 4/30/2003
God may have purposes of which we may not be aware and if he permits it, he can use it.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Psalms 91:1-91:16
Shared: 12/30/2000
Let’s talk about what message the Holy Spirit had for us, today, when he inspired the psalmist.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Psalms 91:1-91:16
Shared: 2/5/2002
We're strangers in this world and we will encounter difficulty. What has God supplied to help us survive the struggles and sufferings and persecutions we may encounter here?
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:1-5:11
Shared: 3/16/2014
"Backsliders" are believers who needs some encouragement. But those who claim to be believers and who forsake God simply never had authentic faith in the first place.
Series: The Prophets
Denomination: Congregational
Shared: 7/10/2002
God is our strength which gives us the courage to live.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Psalms 91:5-91:8
Shared: 7/8/2004
In the game of "Clue" the person who died was "Mr. Boddy." In the Scripture, the person who died was us - we died in our sins. But what killed us, and whose fault was it that we should be counted dead?
Scripture: Matthew 5:29-5:30
Shared: 1/18/2015