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A fashion supermodel is a woman who looks good, dresses good, and walks good. But God sets before a super models of faith that are more than just pretty faces and are known less for what they wore than for what they did. What can we learn from these model
Scripture: Hebrews 11:32-12:3
Shared: 5/28/2012
Why was Samson the only Nazirite to be born with superhuman strength. The answer may surprise you.
Scripture: Judges 13:1-13:25
Shared: 5/5/2002
Find out about your super powers as we venture into your identity in Christ.
Scripture: 1 John 4:4
Shared: 7/30/2003
Unlike Superman, Jesus came to earth... to die. But there are people who reject Jesus' mission. They refuse to accept the idea that Jesus came to die, to be buried and rise again. Why would they do that?
Scripture: Hebrews 2:9-2:15
Shared: 7/28/2013
It's not enough to just go to church. Christians need to be there for each other to sharpen the iron that God has placed within us.
Series: Iron Man
Scripture: Proverbs 27:17
Shared: 6/7/2010
In honor of the Annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, this sermon uses the story of Superman as a modern-day parable that teaches us about Jesus Christ. Power Point is available, just e-mail me.
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: Romans 5:6-5:8
Shared: 6/5/2009
To encourage the listner to the power and responsibility we each have as Christians.
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: Isaiah 30:21
Shared: 10/18/2010
To encourage the congregation to realize who they truly are through the Salvation that has been given through Jesus and become the heroes that God call each to be.
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:11-2:12
Shared: 10/11/2010
Everything that Superman aspires to be in imaginary tales, Jesus is in reality—and so much more. The story of Superman is really a modern day parable for the story of Jesus Christ. This is the first in a series of youth lessons title: Jesus Is My Superher
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: Matthew 1:1-1:20
Shared: 8/31/2007