Weíre in the middle of a series of messages on the early chapters of Genesis, which describe the first events in human history (the first week, the first people, the first home, the first lie, the first sin, the first promise, and the first sacrifice).

The First Sacrifice is recorded in Genesis 3:21.

Remember the setting? Adam and Eve sinned against God, their eyes were opened, they realized they were naked, and they were ashamed. So they tried to cover their nakedness with fig leaves. But fig leaves make lousy clothes. So God intervened, sacrificed an animal, and make garments of skin for them.

This is the first sacrifice mentioned in the Bible. An innocent animal, most likely lamb, lost itís life so that Adam and Eve could be covered.

God didnít record this just so weíd know where the first clothes came from. He recorded this because it provides a good picture of salvation.

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." The Bible is filled with pictures: that is, it is filled with stories and events which picture an important truth. Quite often, the New Testament states the truth, and the Old Testament paints a picture of it. Thatís the case here. Letís look at Genesis 3 and notice how it paints a picture of salvation.

I call your attention to three scenes in verses 7 and 21.

I. Adam and Eve Were Naked and Ashamed (v. 7).

This pictures A LOST PERSON as he stands before God. He is completely naked of any righteousness and that brings great shame.

Romans 3:10-18 describes humanityís spiritual nakedness ....

Ezra 9:6 describes the shame sin brings ....

Have you ever wondered why are so many people are uncomfortable around God? Because deep down inside they know that God is infinitely holy, and they are sinful - and that causes great shame.

II. Adam and Eve Sewed Fig Leaves Together and Tried to Cover Their Nakedness (v. 7).

This pictures a salvation by GOOD WORKS - which is the Devilís religion.

Donít misunderstand me. Good works come after salvation, not before. Good works are the result of salvation, not the means to salvation (Eph. 2:8-10).

H.A. Ironside was fond of saying "There are only two religions in the world." And heís right, when you think about it. All the religions of the world can be divided into two categories: Godís and Satanís. Godís religion is true, Satanís is false.

God says, "Salvation is based on grace." Satan says, "Salvation is based on works.

God says, "You can receive eternal life as a free gift!" Satan says, "You must work for it as a wage!"

God says, "Only the blood of Jesus can cover your sins!" Satan says, "Your good works are able to cover up your sins!"

The latter is pictured in this second scene. It pictures a lost person who is trying to cover his sins with good works. He says to himself, "If I live a good life, get baptized, and go to church, then Iíll make it to Heaven." But that isnít true. Living