ones, and spontaneous ones come forth. People who are musically gifted, and who are experiencing God, have even written new songs during personal repentance (Psalm 51) and during personal or corporate prayer.

5. The Bible teaches us that our bodies are also the Lordís property, just as our spirit
and soul are. (I Corinthians 6:13) We are actually a temple of the Holy Spirit if we are genuine believers in Jesus Christ. (I Corinthians 3:16) As living Temples, our bodies have a real role to play in our worship of God. From simple things such as the lifting of our hands while singing the Lordís praise, to being part of public worship events, bowing before the Lord, clapping, or even dancing before the Lord, like King David did, using our bodies in worship honors God, and is a real part of what it means to be a Temple of the Lord.

6. Finally, letís always remember that the center of Heaven itself is filled with the
worship of God. When we get to the point that we forget our self consciousness, while we are singing and worshiping God, a bit of Heaven moves right into the room where we are, because the Lord inhabits the praises of His People.

There is so much more to teach on this matter of Worship. I wish that we could all experience a seminar by one of the master teachers of this important matter. All of the dimensions of what is meant by Singing in the Spirit is something we need to explore soon.

Letís commit to being a people of worship. The reasons are powerful.

1. God is pleased when we worship Him together.
2. His very presence, a little bit of Heaven, is attracted to real praise & worship.
3. When God shows up tangibly, good things happen which are totally beyond Human capability.
4. True worship draws people to the Lord. It often leads to genuine conversions as people simply understand that they need to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

New letís all sing and worship our Heavenly Father God Ö