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  • Lord Lead The Way

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Apr 26, 2007
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    God led the children of Israel with a cloud by day and a fire by night. We have the Holy Spirit and God is still leading.

    Lord Lead the Way – Exodus 13:17-22, Numbers 9:15-23 The children of Israel had been in captivity. They served as slaves in Egypt under Pharaoh’s leadership, a man who had forgotten Joseph and what God had done for his country under Joseph’s godly leadership. God sends a man named Moses to more

  • 7 Truths About The Church

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Apr 25, 2007
    based on 9 ratings

    The church is the body of Christ. It is not a building or an event. 24/7 x 365 days a year, we are the church!

    7 Truths About the Church Ephesians 5:25-32 Introduction: What is the church? Is it a building? Is it an event? Does church begin when the doors are unlocked on Sunday morning? Does it end when the last light is off and the doors are locked? Does church begin when the music director begins more

  • To Be But Men

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Apr 25, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    Even the godliest of men and women find themselves facing the issue of pride. But pride always comes with a price.

    That the Nations May Know Themselves to be but Men - Psalm 9:19-20 (Read Psalm 9:19-20) We live in a nation of NO FEAR. We’ve all seen the bumper stickers, we’ve all read the T-shirts. NO FEAR! It’s not just an American slogan. It’s an American state of mind. I would have no problem more

  • How To Be A Good Father

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Mar 8, 2007
    based on 7 ratings

    Whether or not you’ve had a good earthly father, all Christians have a heavenly Father that has set the perfect example for us. This message instructs a young man as to what is expected of him. It instructs fathers as to what they should be. It can ins

    FATHERS Tonight I’m going to preach to myself. I’m going to invite you to listen. I’m going to talk about fathers. The responsibility of fathers. The responsibility of a child to his or her father. Ladies, you would do well to listen in. Someday, not that far from now you will pick more

  • The Doctrine Of Annihilation

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Mar 8, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    In the Old Testament, God instructed His people to completely destroy their enemies. But now we are living in the day of grace. In the sermon today we will see that Jesus came not to destroy men’s lives but to save them.

    THE DOCTRINE OF ANNIHILATION Love is a great motivator of people. It is also what motivates so much of what God does for us. John 3:16 clearly tells us and teaches us For God so loved the world… Why did He give His only begotten Son? Because He so loved. But there are other things that more

  • Spiritual Muscle

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Mar 3, 2007
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    What is spiritual muscle? Our faith. This message answers some important questions regarding our faith.

    SPIRITUAL MUSCLE Many today are involved in some sort of regular, routine exercise program. They might go to the gym to lift weights. Maybe it’s Tae-bo in front of the TV at home. Some go for a run each day while others take the dog for a walk. Exercise is a big thing in America and for more

  • The Answer

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Mar 2, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    What can we learn from the maniac of Gadara? We can learn about the depth of sin, the destination of all those involved in sin and we can learn of the Deliverer.

    The Answer The world has got some problems. OK, the world has got a lot of problems. Many men and women today seem to feel that they have the answer to those problems. One political party blames another political party. This country blames that country. In all the years since the Civil more

  • Let Us Go Over

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Feb 14, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    Jesus calls us to get past our fears and our failures and go on to serve Him as He has called us to do

    Let Us Go Over Luke 8:22-25 There are many places to which we can “GO”. We can go bowling. We can go to the grocery store. Each day some of you get up and go to school. Each day some of you go to work. On Sunday and Wednesday we can go to church. Once or twice a year many of you go to more

  • Go In Peace

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Feb 13, 2007
    based on 9 ratings

    Jesus taught a great lesson on love in this story of a woman’s fall, faith and forgiveness

    Go In Peace Today’s passage records the story of a woman. It is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness. It is a story of thankfulness, of faith and of hope. Do you take the time to remember what God through His Son has done for you? He loves you so much. He loved this woman so much. more

  • Dangerous Duo

    Contributed by Ron Callen on Feb 8, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    Luke 6:39-40 Jesus teaches that we are to follow His example and to avoid the trap that the world has set for us. This is a lesson on Christian mentoring.

    Dangerous Duo I want to begin today by telling you about my father. He was a hard working man all of his life. He worked hard to support his family. He was a faithful husband. He was a loving, consistent example of what a man of God should be. He is not only my father but he was and is my more