6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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On September 19th 2002 we visited Heartland Retirement center to visit with

a gentleman by the name of Hubert Finney. A good sister in our congregation at Carrey’s Run Church of Christ had been talking to Hubert about becoming a Christian. Hubert was 88 years old and on Oct. 15th, 2002 he was 89. Hubert wanted to become a Christian and that was the reason we were there. The following poem is dedicated to Hubert Finney who became a Christian on September 19th 2002.

When we walked in we saw him sitting there,

His back was bent with thin gray hair.

He stared out side with patience good,

And reminisced of days he stood.

And as he spoke his voice was clear.

It seem like music to my ear.

I said, "Can we talk or sit awhile?"

"Of course" he said with a smile.

I told him of God’s gracious love,

How Jesus Christ came from above.

To shed His blood for salvation free,

Nailed to a cross for man to see.

I told him of God’s saving plan,

To reconcile both God and man.

How man must trust the Son of God.

He looked at me and gave a nod.

I told him how he must repent

And with his life God’s word consent.

And how he must with mouth confess,

Of Jesus Christ ? His Holiness.

Of how he must be born again

And how he must be washed from sin.

And then he struggled from his chair,

Into the water with out despair.

Immersed, buried, crucified was he,

With Jesus Christ from sin set free!

And as he arose from that watery grave,

He knew right then he from hell was saved!

I told him he was my brother sure.

He said, "I never had a brother before.

I told...

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