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Jim Cymbala stated this about unlocking God’s blessing from his book Break Through Prayer:

According to Scripture, God’s blessing can rest on both men and women, because with God there is no gender bias. His blessing can rest on a family, a child, or even unborn offspring. It can prosper a local church in such measure that an entire city or region will feel the effect of God’s favor on that congregation. God’s blessing can rest on the labor of our hands, our personal finances, or our physical well-being. In fact, Moses told the Israelites that ‘the Lord your God will bless you in everything you do’ (Deut. 15:18). Think of the vast potential we have if we live under the blessing of God! …He adds, “But then again, the blessing of God does not automatically rest on every person, family, or church. Some of us live out our years under a closed heaven. Because God doesn’t smile on our lives, nothing seems to work as we struggle on year after year. This can be true even for those who have professed faith in Jesus as Savior....

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