3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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When I was in Kalkaska Mi, working as a volunteer fireman, we once went to help someone who had fallen through the ice. When we got there he had already been rescued by some bystanders. What happened was he wandered to far out on unsafe ice, not knowing that there was an underground spring feeding the lake and the water there was warmer than the rest of the lake making the ice thinner. He thought he was safe but was not. Some time ignorance is not bliss. I only heard what had happened but this is what I was told. First they tried a rope but it was to short and some gave up saying nothing could be done. A neighbor brought a ladder out but it was to short as well and some more gave up as nothing was working. The man was destined to die so they thought. But a stranger whose name was never told or found out (at least be me anyway) came up with an idea of tying one end of the rope to his waist the other end to the ladder and he crawled out to the man, after falling in the icy cold water a few times he made it to the man, grabbed him and they...

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