Sermon Illustrations

I think that one of the reasons It’s A Wonderful Life has been a Christmas classic film is because it captures a characteristic of the Christ of Christmas even if unwittingly so. The story is all about fresh starts and second chances. Reflect with me if you’ve seen the film:

When they were just young boys on the frozen pond George saves his little brother Harry from drowning when he falls through the ice.

Later George saves Mr. Gower from sending bad capsuls of medicine to a customer.

Bailey building and Loan doesn’t exist to make money. Old man Bailey is clear about that. It’s there to give struggling people another chance at affordable housing.

Mary brings to George the “chance of a life time” by loving him.

Mary gives the old Grandville House another chance by loving “that old house” and refurbishing it.

And of course at the climax of the film, the people of town are the hands and feet of God when they give George a fresh start, another chance by donating cash to make up for the bank deficit cause by Uncle Billy losing $8000.00.