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Roller Coaster-Type Fear

Fear comes when our equilibrium is knocked out of whack. When I think such experiences one word comes to mind – roller coasters!

It took me a long to time (I was 21) to finally ride a coaster. I was afraid of them. (Not now!) I remember being coaxed on one at Six Flags in St Louis nearly 30 years ago and once I had the first ride under my belt, you couldn’t get me off! I wanted to do it again!

But several years later, I remember riding the King Cobra at Kings’ Island, one of the first standup ones. I rode with my sister-in-law, and as I went up the first hill, I thought, "What am I doing on this thing?" It was scary! I was standing up, there was a loop coming (not to mention the first drop) and there was no sheet metal around me!

Well, my fear, understandably, went away after the first drop and the loop. It became my favorite coaster for many years until they took it down.

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