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7 Advantages of Being 1st

1. No "in-laws!"

2. No one to be compared to (Eve never heard, "Johnny's mother...")

3. No bad culture or influences to fight against

4. No birthdays (of your own) to celebrate (perpetually 29 and holding!)

5. You hold the title, "World's Best Mom" for decades!

6. You will have a family tree like no other mother!

7. More Grandkids than you can count!

7 Disadvantages of Being 1st

1. No mother of your own to seek advice from

2. No manual or parenting books for raising children

3. No Grandparents to babysit the kids

4. Large family -- whether you wanted one or not

("Be fruitful and MULTIPLY!")

5. You're the 1st to have to deal with snakes

(We all know how bad that turned out!)

6. You are blamed for every mother's pain (childbirth)

7. You are blamed for EVERYTHING that has gone wrong for...well basically for all of human history!

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